Old gear might be the most controversial items I own. Not only is it super outdated, totally useless and taking up a TON of room in my house, but it’s also chalked full of memories, my absolute prized possession, and probably the most exciting thing to show off. But what do you do when there’s just too much? Keep it? Toss it? Let it continue to pile up endlessly until the lady friend divorces me or throws it out without asking? Well, here’s a couple quick suggestions.


Lets get the obvious one out of the way here. Go on Pinterest and find the plans to make a chair, bench or stool. They’re everywhere, everyone has one, they’re not too hard to make (although not super easy either) and if done properly they don’t look totally ridiculous. Here’s a couple examples:






Coat Racks

Straight up, this is my second favorite option. Its super simple, looks classy and anyone can make them. Go out and find yourself a neat pair of used skis, or paint your walls to match. Drill a quick couple coat hooks in them and voila, coat hooks. Cant you just picture a gorgeous bamboo core ski stripped down to bare wood and hung by the door? How cool?!





Wine Holders

Clearly, this is my number 1 favorite. There’s no such thing as too many wine holders. Now, you’ve got a couple options here, on the counter, on the floor, or on the wall.




Tables & Shelves

I’d never seen tables before, but I’m a huge fan. Bonus points, they look way easier to make than chairs. Check these out! How fricken cute are they?! Also some of these wallmounted and standing shelves are brilliant. Seriously Pinterest, you’re killing it.