Summer isn’t just a time to rest and recoup between seasons, it’s also moving season. Recently I’ve moved from my long time apartment in the city to a significantly smaller place in the mountains and I’m finding myself strapped for space. In my previous dwelling, I made use of shelving and Rubbermaid containers to organize and store my gear. It was a wonderful system that also took up a lot of space, space that I no longer have. In my search for a better storage system, I’ve come across some amazing DIY ideas that are both space-saving and inexpensive.

Horizontal Wall Mount

From an efficiency standpoint, I think this is the only way to go. A good horizontal wall mount is perfect for any tiny apartment. When combined with a shelf, it creates an easy to use rack for a full quiver that doubles as an awesome piece of decoration. Hung above the couch or perhaps above a doorway, its functional, compact and maintains that “outdoorsy” look that we all love to brag about. Here are a couple examples:


The Vertical Wall Mount

If you have the wall space to work for, the Vertical Wall mount is my favorite option. The vertical mount is unique because it creates a lot of potential space. A well built vertical setup can be grown from a tiny, one or two ski setup into a full wall display of all of your awesome outdoor gear. Skis on one side, a bike in the middle and all your pretty climbing gear around it. Or maybe skis in the middle, a bike hanging from the tires, and a column of individual cabinets for helmets, boots and the likes. If you’re looking for effective storage across a wide area of space, this is definitely the best way, and coolest looking of them all.


The Stand Alone Rack

The Stand Alone Rack has one major advantage when you’re really cramped for space, it’s movable, and a good one can hold more than just skis. I love these tube based racks (seen below) because they’re small enough to stash right next to the door, they’re stupid cheap to make and they can hold more than just skis. In the summer they can be used for umbrellas, hiking poles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, fishing poles, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks.. the list goes on. On top of that, they’re also movable so if you want to get all that clutter out of the way you can toss it in your garage, storage unit, or closet.