The climate is changing – this we know. Temperatures, on average, are rising across the U.S., resulting in unpredictable weather patterns. Ski resorts that could in the past bank on heavy snowfall all season long are left waiting and watching, putting a whole industry in limbo. So how will climate change affect the future of the ski industry?

What can you do?

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our infographic series, we examined how a changing climate would affect the ski industry. But while it is one thing to know the problem, it’s a whole another beast to actually solve it. No one person is going to be able to prevent the Earth’s climate from changing in harmful ways; it will require a sustained effort from all of the world’s citizens. We may never all agree to stop polluting the Earth, but with every person, corporation or government that begins helping in the fight to stop climate change, a small battle is won. Over time, those small victories add up into actual change.

Luckily for those eager to pitch in, there are dozens of ways you can fight back against climate change. Everyone has a voice, a platform or a special skill that they can use to help forward the cause. Use the infographic below to help you figure out how you can make an impact.

All credit for information used in infographic goes to Protect Our Winters. View their 2018 Economic Report to see the full findings of their climate change research.