Do you find yourself daydreaming about moving to a ski town when this summer finally slips away? That’s okay, lots of skiers and snowboarders do. Especially around this time of year when summer is in full swing and your snow withdrawal is hitting you hard.

My advice: Do it. Here are my 6 reasons you should live in a ski town this coming fall, like I do:

  • Living in a ski town is a lifestyle, and it keeps you healthy. Living in Bend, OR has made me prioritize being outside, my own fitness, and taught me to be engaged in the landscape around me. I am outside far more than inside, and so are those around me.
  • Like-minded people, chasing the same lines and the same dreams, surround you. In turn these people motivate and inspire your goals and dreams. Being around people who understand what you love is essential and encourages you to push yourself to get better at what you love.
  • Being local means when the conditions are good, you ski. And because you ski a ton your skiing becomes really good.
  • It is a myth that you have to be dirt broke and struggling to exist in a ski town. Yes, some ski towns are expensive. But ski towns don’t have to be where college degrees go to die, or never be born at all. You just have to be self motivated and driven. You can make a living in a ski town; don’t let people tell you otherwise.
  • From the first ski film release to the end of season blowout party there is an amazing camaraderie and family feeling living the snow globe life. People like to know each other and the ski industry/ski town world is super tightly woven together. Moving to a ski town will help you develop connections.
  • It’s more fun to live in a ski town. From first chair powder mornings to après ski nightlife, it’s hard to get bored. Vast majority of people in ski towns want to be there, which correlates to a higher general “happiness factor”.

The conclusion

Yes. It’s true. Leaving Safeway becomes an elaborate game of “find the right Subaru” and you will become a gear junkie. I should also warn you that you would have to invest in a micro-puff and probably get a husky.

But I can honestly say moving to a ski town was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have met the most grounded, energized people that have inspired me. The types of people that wake up every day and make something happen. And I have found that living in an action sport driven town is good for my soul. It comes down to one thing: What type of lifestyle do you desire? Start packing your bags.