A while back we posted the blog 5 Epic Ski Sequences in Movies. But we realized that we really didn’t cover the board with it, so here you are, 5 more epic ski sequences in movies.

  1. Out Cold

OK, so technically this is a snowboarding movie, but it’s still got a narrative so I’m including it. Not to mention this movie was the launch of Zach Galifianakis’ career. If you haven’t watched this movie, get ready for the ultimate early 00s throwback to when snowboarding was the coolest thing you could do, next to watching TRL and burning CDs.

  1. Inception

This is a great movie overall, but adding a chase scene with bad guys in snow camo on skis? Really takes this movie up a notch in my book. Not to mention there’s a freaking tank on treads! It’s kind of reminiscent of the old school James Bond movies.

  1. XXX

Being that this is an action movie, to the extreme, it’s no surprise that Vin Diesel launches himself out of an airplane on a snowboard and then parachutes right into an intense downhill session. And then gets chased by an avalanche! Who could’ve seen that coming? Probably everyone who’s ever seen a Vin Diesel movie, but still pretty awesome.

  1. Dumbo

Sure, it’s pink elephants skiing in cartoon form, but it still counts. It’s a cit trippy so if you’re feeling at all nauseous, maybe skip this clip. But boy does this movie bring back childhood memories. Check out this clip about 3:30 in to see the actually ‘ski’ part.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Here’s another fantastic movie overall, just made better by a ski scene. And not just any ski scene, this may be the most visually interesting ski scene I’ve ever seen, and possibly funniest. Apparently it was mostly done with puppets. Here’s a breakdown of how the scene was made along with clips of the skiing itself.