Take part in the festivities wherever you are this winter

Us skiers know that every day you can get out on the snow is a holiday in our books, but FIS went ahead and made it official, dubbing January 21st as World Snow Day. This global holiday celebrates all the snow sports that we love so dearly, and encourages the next generation to pick up a pair of skis and get out there and enjoy the snow too.

World Snow Day

The holiday was created in unison with FIS’ “Bring Children to the Snow” campaign, which was launched to help boost participation in snow sports, bringing the lifelong joys of skiing and snowboarding to kids all over the world. World Snow Day does an awesome job of more than just promoting the joys of skiing, but also educating the public on the health benefits of snow sports and how to properly care for the environment so we can preserve the snow we love so much.

This year will be the 7th celebration of World Snow Day, and there will be World Snow Day events held in more than 45 countries. If you and your family can’t make it out to one of FIS’ officially-sponsored events (find where events are being held here), here are some ideas on how you can celebrate World Snow Day on your own:

1. Take a First-Timer Skiing

Nothing embodies the spirit of World Snow Day more than sharing your love for skiing with a friend or family member. Take someone skiing for the first time and you may well start a lifelong passion for them. There’s never been a better time to learn too, as Skis.com is offering $50 in store credit to anyone who takes a ski or snowboard lesson in the month of January. They’ll thank you later!

2. Join a Local Ski Club

Get involved with a local ski association to mingle with other skiers in your area and promote the sport at large. Even if you don’t live in a skiing hotbed, check out Ski Central’s Ski Club Directory. There’s passionate skiers all over; you’d be surprised with how many ski clubs exist in unexpected places.

3. Try a New Winter Sport

Skiing is great, but there are so many different ways in which you can enjoy the snow. Spend a day trying out another snow sport, such as snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or skijoring. Check out our Buying Guides to learn how and what you need to get started!

4. Just Go Play in the Snow

It may not be the Rockies, but support your local ski scene by taking the family out for a fun day on your home slopes. And if you can’t make it out skiing? Just get outside and enjoy the snow anyway you can! The beautiful thing about snow: it can be a blast with or without skis on. When in doubt, snowball fights will never disappoint.
However you celebrate World Snow Day this year, just be thankful for all the skiers that made the sport into what it is today. Follow in their footsteps and get out there and share your passion for skiing with the world!