Let’s face it, everyone knows skiing is better than snowboarding. There really is no competition, skiing has been around longer and skiers just got it right from the get go. Need proof?

No Waiting

When a group of skiers gets off a chairlift, they maybe adjust one or two things, put on their pole straps and go. When you’ve got a snowboarder with you or a group of snowboarders, it’s just a waiting game. They have to drag their boards over to the slope, sit down, strap into their bindings, and get back up. This seriously cuts down on riding time, not to mention having to wait around in the cold at the top of a windy mountain. Pass.

Less Violent Falls

Stereotypical SkierLook, I’m not saying skiing falls can’t be horrendous. I’m just saying that when a skier falls, their ski gear comes off and it’s over. When a snowboarder falls, it’s flipping down the hill still strapped onto a board that slams you front to back to front to back and so on. Not to mention the amount of broken wrists in snowboarders, no thank you.

Easier to Learn

It is well accepted in the snow sports community that it is easier to learn how to ski than it is to learn how to snowboard. It’s just a matter of your normal stance as a person, you stand with two feet apart facing forward, just like on skis. Snowboarding makes you strap both feet to a plank and face sideways going down, it just takes more to get used to it. And who wants to put in extra effort?

Kids Can Start Earlier

The recommended earliest start for kids on skis is about 3 years old, my brother even first put his feet on skis at about 2 years old (cool kid points). The recommended age for kids to start on a snowboard is about 5 years old, just due to balance and coordination issues. If you want your kids to be the best and get the most practice time in, they’ve got to be skiers.

T-Bars and Tow Ropes

Do I even need to explain this one? T bars and roughly impossible for snowboarders unless they want to just hang on for dear life, but they’re pretty natural for skiers. And tow ropes for a snowboarder is just a guaranteed way to fall over and get run down by the people behind you. Don’t be that guy. For a skier it’s just a grab and go.

Cat Tracks

Cat tracks can be found at almost any resort as a way to get around the mountain to the runs you really want to be on, or to get back to the lodge and base. On skis cat tracks are pleasant trips that are almost the scenery and sightseeing excursions with little to no effort involved. Cat tracks for snowboarders are the worst, if they can even make it through them. They often turn into hopping fests, or snowboarders reaching out for poles from skiers to drag them along. You’re welcome.

Your Butt Stays Warmer

Snowboarders spend what feels like half their time on their butts on the snow. Need to rest? On their butt. Just got off the chair lift? On their butt. Stopped to wait for friends? On their butt. That’s a lot of butt on snow time, whereas skiers rarely ever have to put butt to snow. Clear win.

Tricks Look Cooler

When it comes to the tricks side of snow riding, skiers clearly have the edge, there are just more options. Skiers can cross their skis, separate legs, and so on. Snowboards can flip or spin, that’s about it. Skiers are just more fun to watch in competitions.

You Can Ski at Any Resort

Like it or not, there are still resorts out there that won’t let snowboarders in such as Alta and Mad River Glen. Want to be able to go to any mountain at any time? Be a skier.

You’re Still A Respectable Member of Society

Skiers in general have a good reputation, they can be upstanding members in society and the sport is considered acceptable in mainstream society. Snowboarders still have a stigma attached to them, and are generally considered as ‘dirty snowboarder’ who need to get real jobs and stop partaking in illegal substances. Just a stereotype, but a pervasive one. We are obviously omitting park rats here from the skiing community, aka the red headed step child of the ski world.