Call it sad. Call it lonely. I call riding alone a good time. I remember seeing a participation poll last year and one of the top reasons for why people didn’t get many days on the mountain was “having no one to go with”. Well, why let friends or family drag you down? You can have an amazing day on the mountain all by your lonesome, and here’s why and how:

Riding Alone

  1. Get on the mountain quicker – We’ve all heard it before, “I forgot my gloves”, “I want breakfast”, “I need to readjust my boots”. Ditch your slow moving crew, grab a granola bar and get first tracks before anyone else does.
  1. No dealing with differences in skill levels – Trade those runs down “Huggy Bear Hollow” for the park, some trees, or something with some vertical. Ski or ride to your own level, not everyone else’s.
  1. Go where you want – Nothing kills a run like stopping at a split and deciding as a group which way to go. See some untouched snow calling your name? Duck into the trees without worrying if your crew can handle it, or heck, if they even see you duck in at all.


Riding Alone 2
    1. Listen to Music – Put together that perfect playlist and go. You’ll be in your own zone and whether or not you’re actually riding great you’ll at least feel like you are.
    1. Try new things – Always wanted to hit that kicker but worried about the inevitable ridicule from your friends? Who needs em? Try what you want when you want and without any expectations. Just keep in mind there’s also no one there to call for help.
    1. But not too many new things… – Sometimes friends are good for motivation, other time they make you try things you have no business doing. Stick to what you’re actually capable of doing. There’s no one there to impress.
    1. Those awkward chairlift conversations – You’re not the only solo shredder and if you happen to share the ride up with another you’re usually sure to get an earful. If you can find humor in this you’ll likely get a good story for later. Some people can really spill their guts in 5 minutes…


      Photo Courtesy of Skistar Trysil
      Photo Courtesy of Skistar Trysil


    1. No early breaks – A bathroom break again? Unless you can coordinate everyone’s bladder or bowel movements riding with a group means a lot of waiting around. If you want to ride for 7 hours straight without a break then so be it.
    1. Keeping your stash secret – You finally found that powder paradise or that perfect run. Keep it from getting tracked out by keeping it to yourself. Remember, there are no friends on a powder day.
    1. Call it quits when you’re ready – Last run is when you say it is, not when everyone else decides. No feeling short changed or totally expended, you stay until you and only you are ready to leave.

    Prefer to ride alone yourself? What reasons did we forget?