You’re an amazing skier. You’ve been at it since you were a kid and you can carve with the best of them. As you’re slicing into your favorite black diamond trail at the resort a not-as-good skier cuts you off making you lose your balance and you take a nasty spill.

Why wear a helmet 3

Are you wearing a ski helmet?

You should be.

Gone are the days when helmets were a rare sight on the mountain. In fact, 70% of the skiers and snowboarders out there are donning helmets; a number three times as high as just a decade ago.

Helmets are a true lifesaver that are constantly being redeveloped into super comfortable and highly functional designs to ensure you stay protected and warm when out on the slopes.

Debunking the common complaints:

  • Helmets are uncomfortable.
    • Not true. Many skiers are forgoing hats for the comfort and warmth that a helmet provides. Moisture-wicking liners, for example, help keep your head comfortable and dry.
    • Other improvements like adjustable venting gives you the control to regulate your comfort level and temperature so you can open them up when you’re sweating on those spring days or keep them closed on the coldest January day out there.
    • Many helmets offer fit systems which allow you to dial in a great fit to accommodate your head shape.

Why wear a helmet 2

  • Helmets are bulky and heavy.
    • With in-mold construction and lightweight properties, helmets are becoming so light that you’ll barely notice them on your head while still providing you with incredible protection.
  • What about my goggles? They’ll get foggy and the helmet will make them sit weird.
    • Negative again. The way that companies are designing helmets, they make them very compatible with goggles and vice versa. Many helmets are actually designed to pull the hot air away from the goggles in order to decrease the chances of fogging.

Sometimes all it takes is a bad skier coming your way, an unnoticed bump or ice patch or even hitting a box the wrong way in the park to get you to fall. Even the pros in the Olympics wear helmets and you’ve seen them wipe out, so you should too…wear a helmet, not wipe out.

Why wear a helmet

With the way helmets are designed, from the construction to the liners and everything in between, there really isn’t a reason to not keep your head protected. Your chances of getting a minor head injury in a fall decreases by up to 50% when you wear the helmet!

With added features like audio compatibility so you can listen to your music, ear pads to keep you warmer and its ease of providing a customized fit, you’ll have a whole host of great helmets to choose from boasting a variety of graphics. Some are even equipped with Bluetooth for your phone.

Okay, still a little wary on this whole helmet thing?

Take one for a test drive. Many (not all) ski areas will rent helmets so check it out, see how comfortable a simple rental helmet can be and then maximize your comfort and protection by checking out the ski helmets available on