Use this ski fitness app to get ready for next season

Are you tired of showing up to the first day of the season and feeling beat up after just your first run? Well, as they say, there’s an app for that.

Let me explain: SkiFit is an app that walks you through an entire detailed eight-week workout plan designed to make you a better, stronger skier. With over 100 ski fitness exercises that can be done from anywhere, SkiFit is your one-stop shop for off-season ski fitness.

The entirety of this ski workout program was developed by Chamonix-based sports physiotherapist and clinical expert Neil Maclean-Martin. Regarded as one of Europe’s leading ski and snowboard physiotherapists, Maclean-Martin regularly treats pro skiers and mountain professionals, so you can trust his expertise.

The app program consists of four phases, all of which build upon each other to work your way up to more and more difficult exercises. There are 64 different videos with over 100 individual exercises, all of them suitable for any level of skier. Follow along with the whole 60-minute video workouts, or just choose from individual exercises; it’s up to you.

What do you need to get started, you might be asking? Not a whole lot. As long as you got a little bit of open space (whether that be at home, a gym or elsewhere) and a computer, smartphone or tablet you can access the videos on, you’re good to go.

So, in what ways can the SkiFit app improve your skiing performance?

Build strength and endurance

There’s always that one guy with the beer belly who can still rip, but aside from him, improved physical fitness is pretty directly correlated with improved skiing ability. When you’re in the thick of an intense run, there is a lot of strain being put on your muscles; your legs, core, back and arm muscles, in particular. Strengthening these muscles will only help you perform better on the hill, but it will help your muscles recover quickly, so you can be back on the mountain the next day with no issues.

Protect yourself against injury

Jumping right into ski season without so much as a warm-up you’ll be way more likely to hurt yourself on the slopes. The exercises done in SkiFit will get your muscles prepared for the rigors of skiing, so when the season does come around they can adequately hold up and be resistant to strains, tears and all that other bad stuff. All of the videos feature activation exercises to get your muscles warmed up before you really start making them work, as well as a final stretch down. Maclean-Martin’s professional, clear instructions will help you understand how to perform the moves properly to avoid wear and tear on the muscles.

Develop correct movement patterns

Proper ski form truly is an art form, and you don’t want to lose it over the course of the summer.

By training with SkiFit, you’re subtly practicing ski form as well as getting a workout in. In the videos, Maclean-Martin will show you the correct alignment for every move, and explain to you why that is correct and how it will help your skiing. By stringing together multiple exercises, as they do in the SkiFit workouts, you can mimic some of the movement sequences and progressions that happen when you’re actually on the mountain.

Improve balance and coordination

Every skier knows excellent balance and coordination is one of the hallmarks of a good skier. You may naturally be a clutz, but it is actually possible to improve your coordination through training. All of SkiFit’s exercises put an emphasis on not only strengthening and conditioning your body, but combining them with balance moves for a holistic approach to ski training.

No matter what level of skier you are, the SkiFit program can help you improve your skiing fitness. When the first winter storm comes rolling in next season, you’ll be happy you did. If you’re short on free time, check out SkiFit8, an app made by the same people that serves up workouts in convenient eight-minute increments.

Download SkiFit on iOS and Android.