New Season, New Goals

The ski season ends and your thoughts immediately drift toward your last powder day or the first snowfall of next winter. If that’s you, you’re doing it wrong. Summer is go time, your time to progress. Progression starts with goals, which can range from steeper runs at the resort, skiing trees, or stepping into the backcountry for the first time. All of these objectives take work and motivation to make them happen, and the result is greater enjoyment everyday you make it out next season.

Hit the Gym

Hitting the gym to max out on the bench or adding a couple more sets of sit-ups may seem out of line with your skiing goals. The North Face noticed a gap between mountain athletes who wanted to progress in a specific sport and the workout regiments available. Their solution was an app focused on training directly related to mountain athlete’s sport of choice, deemed Mountain Athletics. This Mountain Athletics Training App was built for climbers, skiers, and trail runners to take their sport to the next level and put their workouts into perspective. Mountain Athletics gives you day-by-day workouts to get you ready for next season.

For more ski workouts check out 5 Tips to Get in Ski Season Shape Without the Gym.

Training Options

There are two training options for skiers in the app, backcountry skiing and all- mountain. Both will get your legs strong, but have slightly different approaches so that backcountry skiers can prepare for the uphill slogs. Each day the app will give you detailed workouts with reps counts, length of workout and even videos from professional athletes showing you proper technique. Endurance and strength have equal parts in the regimen and each workout is altered depending on if you are male or female.

From the first workout, it’s very clear that if you keep it up you will notice a difference in your skiing next fall. You can track your progress daily, collecting badges along the way for hitting milestones. The North Face is helping to re-invent the way gyms are used for skiers and taking the monotonous, by the book strength training out of the mix. Keeping your focus on next season and what you are looking to accomplish will help you get through some of the tougher workouts, which sometimes make you question your dedication to skiing. Remember, it’s worth it.

North Face Athlete and professional Ski Mountaineer, Kit DesLauriers, explains these six week training programs with simplicity, “I train in there so I can play out here.”

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