With the influx of new ski companies and newcomers to the sport, comes the overwhelming feeling of scrambling to get fresh gear. There are so many brands to choose from now, while browsing for your next jacket. You have to consider many variables, such as prints, colors, brand name (if that’s important to you) and of course, price. The process can take you down a black hole as you endlessly compare prices on similar styles that catch your eye. And to add on top of that, many others are on the same hunt as well, with items selling out quickly if you wait to make your dream purchase. For some, the idea of renting ski clothes is an attractive option, especially considering one’s frequency of skiing. You may remember renting ski equipment or clothes as a child, while first getting into the sport. Nevertheless, whatever you need and whatever your preference, there are definitely pros and cons to each option. Browse our comparison below of renting ski clothes versus purchasing!

Ski Clothes Rental – Pros:

Obviously, convenience is a huge plus when it comes to renting ski clothes. Wherever you choose to ski, whether it is at a resort, a cross country trail, or the backcountry, there are options for everyone. You can sometimes rent ski clothes from the resort you are skiing at for the day, but if that’s not available, there are many local shops that cater to this need. Renting from the resort may delay your start time as you wait in long lines. A local shop may be the better route on those busy, powder days. Another amazing option is ordering a package deal online. Many companies offer a bundle of a ski jacket, ski pants, goggles and gloves. Some sites even rent out individual pieces if you are only looking for a specific item. If you do decide to order online, you can be outfitted for your trip before it even begins, alleviating any last minute checklist.

Great for Infrequent Skiers
For those of you who live in cities far away from any slope, I feel your pain. You may have to take occasional trips to satisfy your passion, but that still isn’t enough. When you cannot get out to the mountain as much as you would like, renting ski clothes is a very viable option. You can plan out the number of days you wish to ski, and order your shipment accordingly. But for the avid skiers, beware. This option can end up costing you more in the long run so you are better off purchasing right off the bat.

Less Money Upfront
Surprisingly, you can rent a high quality package deal for as little as $28 a day. This can really cut down the cost of your ski trip and give you extra spend for your much needed lunch breaks and post-ski treats.

Ski Clothes Rental – Cons:

Beggars Can’t be Choosers
You know the saying, right? Although you can score some high quality gear for the day, the styles to choose from are mostly basic. You may not have as much freedom expressing your individuality, so if that’s important to you, you may want to consider purchasing. In addition, the rental clothes most likely have been previously worn. You won’t always receive new and shiny goods.

More Money in the Long Run
You should seriously evaluate the amount you go skiing. If you only go one or two weekends in a season, then renting makes sense. But if you try to get out more than three weekends in a season, the cost of renting can add up rather quickly. Ski clothes last a long time, so that initial investment can turn into years worth of use.

Ski Clothes Purchase – Pros:

Love What You Wear
One of the biggest perks of purchasing ski gear is that it fits your personal style. You will always feel the most confident in clothes that express your individuality, whether that means solid colors, minimal design or crazy prints. The clothes will also fit your body better, allowing effortless comfort on and off the slopes.

Save Money in the Long Run
So the initial purchase could sting a little, I totally get it. Investing in ski gear can get expensive, real quick. Last year I dropped probably too much on ski clothes, but I was so in love with the look, I couldn’t resist. But if you shop wisely, you’ll definitely end up saving money in the long run.

You Can Find Great Values
You really don’t need to spend a lot to find the best ski clothes, and I wish I knew that sooner. There are tons of amazing options for women and men for under $200. Additionally, you can shop discount ski clothes by looking at last season’s styles. There are plenty of new ski jackets for women and men, as well as ski pants for women and men. After all, there’s nothing wrong with last season gear. I usually shop this section when I need to save more money for a pricey season pass.

Have Gear that Lasts for Years
Beyond saving money, you’ll also have an outfit that will last you for years. Let’s face it, ski gear is built to last, and can be scuffed up a bit. If you make a purchase now, you won’t have to worry about gathering clothes every ski trip you take.

Skip the Wait
Just as renting clothes are convenient, owning them are too. Imagine waking up for your morning adventure and grabbing your gear, ready to go. You’ll skip the rental lines, avoid shipping costs and have more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Ski Clothes Purchase – Cons:

More Money Upfront
As outlined before, you will have to drop some extra cash up front if you’re looking for ski clothes that will last you awhile. If this isn’t in your budget right now, renting may be the best route for you. But if you think you can scrounge up some extra savings this year, you can make an investment that you won’t regret.