One of our team members here at, Mike, was lucky enough to get his hands on a brand new pair of 2016 Blizzard Bonafides. In order to have them ready for his first trip to Whistler he took them to one of our ski techs to have them mounted, tuned, and ready to go. Although Blizzard skis, and just about every other ski manufactures skis, come from the factory with a tune on them, performance skiers and ski snobs like a professional tune on new skis before they ever touch snow.

The first step is to sharpen both the base and side edges of the skis with a Montana Ceramic Disc edge sharpener. After a couple of passes through the machine you could shave with those bad boys.

The next step is to run the new Bonafides through a Montana Base Grinder to ensure that the bases are truly flat, and to cut a structure or pattern into the bases for the ski to glide faster, and prevent water from sticking to the bases.

The skis then come out of the machines and on to the bench so that the tuner can run a gummy stone over the edges to remove any burrs, making them smooth and sharp.

After that the bases are prepped by the Montana Wax Future to warm up the bases and open up the pores.

A low Flourocarbon wax is then applied so Mike can fly down the mountain and traverse cat tracks. As the infrared lights pass over the skis, it soaks the wax deeper into the pores of the base, making the wax last much longer than simply just ironing it on.

Over to the mounting bench the new Bonafides go. A mounting template is sized up to Mike’s boots, lined up on the skis, and holes are drilled into the appropriate places.

The holes are then tapped to cut threads into the 2 ½ sheets of metal and solid wood core of the Bonafides, to ensure the screws hold tight into the skis. The Look Pivot 14 Bindings are then screwed into the skis. A quick hand tighten with a posidrive screwdriver makes sure they are as tight as possible.

The brakes are rubber banded up for a few more cycles on the Montana Wax Future for the wax to seep deeper into the bases, to make the skis even faster.

A quick brush with a Roto-brush and wipe down with Fiberlene paper removes any of the excess wax.

The new Bonafides are then equipped with a strap and are ready for Mike’s adventure to Whistler!