Secret agents have them, and so do skiers.

In order to be ready for early powder calls and ski touring days I always keep my bag ready to roll, in part because I am horrible morning person. It is essential to be prepared, warm, and safe when navigating constantly shifting mountain whether. Having my bag organized allows me to insure I have all the parts and pieces when I need them.

Go Bag 7

Getting my kit together and learning to pack effectively has allowed me to get out more and stay longer in the mountains I love.

Take a look inside Jana’s “Go Bag”

Go Bag 6

Here is an example of what I carry on a typical day touring

  1. Skis – Salomon Stella size 172’Go Bag 2
  2. Boots – Scarpa Shaka size 24.5
  3. Touring Poles
  4. Helmet – Bern Muse
  5. Goggles – Smith IO/S, Blackout lensGo Bag 3
  6. Heavy Gloves – Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride
  7. Light Gloves (for touring)
  8. Beanie
  9. Neck Gaiter
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Pack – Osprey Kode 22A
  12. Go pro – Hero 4 Black
  13. Extra Go Pro batteryGo Bag 5
  14. Protective case – Incase
  15. Tripod – Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod
  16. GoPro Smart Remote
  17. GoPro Pole mount
  18. Nalgene Water bottle
  19. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
  20. First aid Kit
  21. Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons
  22. BCA Shovel
  23. BCA Tracker3 BeaconGo Bag 8
  24. BCA Stealth 270 Probe
  25. Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Sts Skins
  26. Layers
  27. Technical Shell
  28. Technical Pant
  29. Extra socks
  30. Trucker Hat
  31. SnacksDCIM100GOPROGOPR0895.