Boot Last

There are many aspects to a ski boot. Features like closure systems, soles, liners, shells and any other additional tech all go into creating any number of ski boots for any variety of ski styles and skill levels.

Ski boot last is one of the things that gets hidden under all other features. A lot of people out there don’t seem to know what a last is, so here is the basic run-down.

A last isn’t special to a ski boot, in fact, every piece of footwear has a last although they are basically called width.

What a ski boot last does is determine the width of the boot in millimeters across the ball of the foot and, therefore, categorize the type of ski boot it’s going to be and the comfort level for the skier who intends on using it.

Ski Boot lasts, or widths, are categorized into four main categories:

Boot last 2

Junior – These are pretty basic as they correlate to a young skier’s foot width.

Narrow – A narrow lasted boot will range from 95-99mm and are made for the high-performance skier. If you’re an advanced to expert level skier or you race, these are the ones designed for you.

Medium – Medium lasts range from 100-103mm and these are for the performance or advanced skiers. If you like the black diamonds and head off into the backcountry, these are the ones for you.

Wide – Ranging from 104-106mm, wide lasted boots are for everyone from beginners to experts who want comfort.

There isn’t much to a last but if you want more information on ski boots, check out our Ski Boots Buying Guide to learn how to get the right pair of ski boots to meet your skill level, foot size and style of skiing and watch our vendor videos where representatives from various ski boot companies showcase the features on their ski boots