So you went skiing in your brand new jacket and accidentally got too close to the bon fire? One of those tiny embers just put a hole right in the middle of your fancy new threads? Well, it’ll never look the same, but fortunately it’s a pretty easy fix.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

First you’re going to need some quick supplies. You’ll need the following items. Tenacious Tape, a Gore-Tex Patch, Seam Grip and some scissors.

Step 2: Measure the Hole & Cut the Patches

You’ll want to make sure that your patch covers the entire hole. You’re going to cut two patches. One with the GORE-TEX patch and the other with the Tenacious Tape. I usually recommend that holes be sized with coins and patches be one coin size larger. I.E. If you have a dime shaped hole, you’ll need a penny sized GORE-TEX patch and a quarter shaped Tenacious Tape patch.

Note: For best results, cut patches without hard edges. Rounded, circular shapes work best for long term results. Square, sharp corners tend to peel after time.

Step 3: Apply the Patches

Make sure that your garment is laying on a flat surface. First you’re going to apply the GORE-TEX patch, to the hole. Make sure that you’ve covered the entire hole, or you’ll eventually have leaks. Once you’ve comfortably applied the GORE patch you’re going to apply the Tenacious Tape patch over the top. You want to secure this as best you can to the jacket while covering the entire GORE patch. The key here, is to use the T.T. patch to prevent the GORE patch from peeling off. Ideally, you’ll center the GORE patch directly in the middle, however, you want to try and avoid seams and zippers so if you need to off center it a bit that’s okay.


Hole on Seam




Hole on Flat Area



Step 4: Apply the Seam Grip

Seam grip is a wonderful substance. Once it’s dry, it’s not only water tight and sticky, but malleable as well so it’ll bend and move with the motions of your jacket. It has the consistency and feel of rubber cement so application is quick and simple. To apply, you’re going to take a small amount of it on the supplied brush and spread it around the seams. Make sure to try and completely saturate the seams so that it soaks in to the edges for the best application. Note: You do not need to cover the entire patch, only the edges.

Step 5: Let it Dry

Seam Grip takes about 24 hours to really dry. Keep your jacket lying flat for a day to let it fully dry and once you’ve completed your patch, you’ve got a fully functioning jacket! Hooray!