Properly cleaning and maintaining your Oakley Goggles, or any ski goggle for that matter, is really simple yet tremendously important. By keeping a clean and scratch-free goggle lens, you’ll be able to see clearly and ski fearlessly while on the mountain.

Lens technologies have grown leaps and bounds over the past few seasons. Oakley has designed the PRIZM Lens, Giro the Vivid Lens and Smith uses the Chromapop lens to help filter out light and provide you with better vision to see the texture and contours of the snow-pack. If you have a nice lens in a ski goggle, it’s more important than ever to take good care of it.

What Not to Do when Cleaning Your Oakley Goggles

Before we get into the proper way to clean off your Oakley goggle lenses, let’s talk about the biggest no-nos when it comes to goggle cleaning. In all of my years traveling across the US skiing, I have seen these happening at one time or another:

1.Do not under any circumstances use any sort of paper product to clean your lenses. This includes napkins, toilet tissue, Kleenex or paper towels. All of these products are made of wood fibers that will scratch your lenses and start to impair your vision on the slopes. I see this one happening all the time at day lodges across the country any time I am out skiing. I cringe every time I see this.

2. Never ever rub the inside lens when it is wet. This will cause you to lose some of the anti-fog coating. The inside of the lens is not treated with any scratch resistant coatings, so rubbing the inside of the lens can leave permanent smudges that make it difficult to see.

3. It is never a good idea to use your ski glove to wipe off your goggle lenses. This can also leave scratches.

4. Never spray your ski goggle lenses with any type of lens cleaner intended for prescription eye wear. This will remove any protective coating and potentially remove some of the tint.

What is the Right Way to Clean Your Oakley Goggles?

All Oakley Goggles and most other ski goggles come with a microfiber storage bag. This is the absolute best thing you can do and should be the only thing to clean your lenses with. I always ski with one in my pocket so I can clean my lenses on a chairlift. The soft material is designed just for cleaning and removing smudges and dirt from a goggle lens or even sunglasses lens. Having one with you at all times will come in handy more than you think it will.

Sometimes, on a deep powder day or after you take a nasty crash snow can become trapped around the foam. Gently shake the frame to remove the snow. If any water has found its way to the inside lens, use the microfiber bag to blot the water on the inside lens, but never rub. If your goggle has any adjustable vents, open them up and ski as fast as you can (with caution) – moving air through the goggle frame will help keep it dry.

Other Tips

  • Storing your Oakley goggles in the microfiber protective case is always a good start, but it’s even better to keep them in a Storage Case to help keep them protected
  • Always allow your goggles to air dry before putting them away for a long period of time. This prevents the face foam from getting funky or starting to deteriorate.
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    Oakley Airbrake Prizm

    Never store your goggles in a place where they will be exposed to excessive heat or sunlight. This can cause the face foam to peel right off of the frame. As much as people want to dry their ski gear by the fireplace, please use extreme caution. I have a horror story from a friend who left a brand new pair of Oakley Airbrake Prizms too close to the fire one night and melted a brand new pair of fancy goggles.

If you take good care of your goggles you will find that they will last much longer, maintaining that crystal clear mountain view you enjoy so much.