Do you need different lenses?

Oakley is one of the premier goggle manufacturers and has set the standard when it comes to producing cutting edge products. Year after year they bring the ultimate in clarity and usability when it comes to their lenses.

The relatively new PRIZM Lens does a fantastic job of filtering out the light and delivering you clearer vision that improves your ability to see the definition and texture of the snow. Each lens is designed for different light conditions, but it always helps to have at least one other lens for a different light condition. Typically having a lens for overcast or snowy conditions and another for partially sunny or sunny days is the best way to go, as you will have optimal vision no matter what type of conditions you are skiing in. Oakley sells replacement lenses for their most popular frames with different VLT (Visual Light Transmission) Ratings that allow you to swap them out when the light is different for you.

Oakley has essentially two different methods for changing out lenses:

Easy to Swap Lenses:

Models like the Oakley Airbrake XL PRIZM come with two different lenses. One for sunny or partly sunny conditions and one for snowy or overcast conditions. This is by far one of the easiest of the quick change goggle systems available.

  1. Find the Switchlock tab on the left side of the frame behind the outrigger on the left side of the frame, flip this lever.
  2. The lens should pop right out. Try to keep your fingers off of the lens to prevent smudges or scratches.
    Grab the lens you want to replace it with.
  3. Line up the tab on the right side of the frame with the slot on the right side of the lens.
    Gently snap it in.
  4. Ease the new lens in from the right side of the goggle over to the right.
  5. Once the tab on the left side of the goggle lines up, snap the Switchlock Tab down and away you go.

Moderate to Swap Lenses:

Models like the Oakley Crowbar Prizm, Flight Deck and Canopy as well as others require a little bit more effort to change out the lenses.

  1. From the inside of the frame use both hands to gently pull the frame away from the lens on all sides.
  2. The lens should pull right out.
  3. Once you have removed the current lens you will see little tabs all the way around the inside of the frame.
  4. Line up the notches on the replacement lens with the tabs on the frame.
  5. Starting on the top of the frame, push down onto the lens. You will hear a light snap as the frame engages the lens.
  6. Lastly use your thumb to push up onto the nose piece to connect the bottom of the lens to this part of the frame.

Now that you know how to replace the lenses of your Oakley Ski Goggles it’s time for you to gear up and hit the slopes. For more details on Oakley Goggles or any of your skiing needs, please visit us at