Everyone knows that skiing, while it may look like an easy and care free good time (and it can be), actually burns a ton of calories. In one hour of skiing a 154 pound person can burn 595 calories. With that being said, it’s very important you stay hydrated and fueled while you are out on the hill. Studies have been proven that consuming a carbohydrate and a protein while skiing will help minimize muscle damage. But you probably shouldn’t just bring anything with you. There are several factors to take into consideration, for example, things that can be easily ruined should you fall or run into something are a bad idea, as are things like donuts and Twinkies. Another factor to pay attention to is whether your ski snacks can fit in the pockets of your jacket and pants, or a backpack if you have one. With that information in mind here are the best ski snacks you can take with you to the mountain.

Skiing Snacks 4

Sandwich – There are multiple options you can choose from when bringing a sandwich. First and foremost in order to get the sandwich to fit in your pockets its best to cut it into quarters and use a reseal able bag. The best option is to go with a PB&J. The PBJ is super easy to make, and honestly, who doesn’t love PB&J? Another favorite is turkey or ham with mayonnaise or mustard. If you think the bread may have too many carbs you can always make a sandwich on a wrap to cut down on the carbs. The best part of packing a sandwich is they fit well in your cargo pockets and they are also filling, nutritious and will give you the energy to shred through the day.

Skiing Snacks 3

Apples – Apples are a great healthy snack. They feature tons of fiber, nutrients and water. Apples can be easily cut into slices to reduce the size and make it easier to store in your pockets. And when you’re done with the core, you can just chuck it in the woods (but not on the run please).

Granola Bars – You might be able to score some for free. Nature Valley is a company that seems to be at just about every resort and will hand out free bars. If not, don’t fret, you can buy some at the store before you hit the resort and they are a pretty perfect size for storing. Protein bars can fit in this category as they are basically the same size and fit easily into your pockets.

Skiing Snacks 2

Nuts/Trail Mix – Peanuts, cashews or trail mix are great snacks to take out on the hill. Small in size, easy to store and eat they are a favorite choice amongst skiers everywhere.

Stay Hydrated – This one is a no brainer. With all the calories you are burning you will get dehydrated. Always, always carry a bottle of water with you or a hydration pack. You could even ski with a winter Camelbak, which are insulated so they don’t freeze. If you are using one of these bad boys you can easily squirt water into your mouth without having to open a water bottle.


There you have it, our top choices for snacks while skiing. Now get out there and shred!