Step onto the slopes with the S.I.O x Schematech Isolation BOA Jacket

Descente strives to incite those who love sports and those with an active lifestyle. Beauty, functionality and technology are converted into a form by design; the brand narrative is to pursue design down to the finest detail, creating well-honed functional beauty.

Descente wear is created with the manufacturing philosophy cultivated by top-level performance and experience providing discoveries that more than exceed expectations. This sparks the pioneer spirit of athletes at any level heading for new possibilities, experiences, and memories. They have always challenged themselves to discover new and unseen frontiers and milestones.

The power that sets them in motion is the feeling of excitement as they head towards new and creative goals. Gathering their imagination and technological strength to create value, they are always looking one step ahead. This is the mission and the duty of the Descente brand. They are all about clean lines, bold colors, and maximum performance.


S.I.O. x Schematech Fabric

S.I.O is the name they have given to their unique pattern cutting technology developed to help optimize physical performance. Basically, it develops garment design and pattern cutting that optimally matches natural body movement, from a starting point of a human figure in an action; rather than a static body posture. Thanks to this technology, the body and sleeves can be made in one piece, reducing the number of parts requiring sewing.

The fabric can be cut on the bias in parts of the garment where greatest freedom of movement is needed. Sewn seams can be eliminated or minimized in places where greatest friction will occur. Garments can be designed and made that significantly improve mobility and comfort by making them lighter, and taking maximum advantage of the natural properties of the fabrics. S.I.O. combined with Schematech and BOA won Descente two ISPO awards. Which is an enormous deal, the folks at ISPO don’t just pass those awards out to anybody.


Historically, in order to change the functionality in different parts of a piece of apparel it meant cutting and changing the fabrics. Not anymore, with the new Schematech processing, changing the functionality, strength, or structure of the weave can be done in a smooth, continuous process without needing to cut and join the fabrics. When you sew fabrics together, there is an overlapping of materials at the seam which adds weight to the garment.

Schematech eliminates most of the sewn seams, which cuts down on the weight and removes potential causes of friction. The end result is a lighter garment and it helps to free up the natural characteristics of the fabric. This provides the maximum when it comes to freedom of movement in the jacket. It can also cut down on waterproofing issues, as seams are often where water and moisture tend to collect and permeate outerwear. We here at couldn’t be more excited about this technology.


BOA Adjustment

This jacket is packed full of features, all of which play a major role in the performance of the jacket. It’s waterproof and breathable, it is constructed with 4-way stretch Schematech Dobby 20k/20k which we talked about earlier, and it also has PrimaLoft insulation. Descente’s Isolation System is controlled by a BOA adjustment that allows for the perfect fit, comfort and temperature regulation; all you have to do is tighten the BOA to increase warmth.

The jacket also has underarm venting which allows you to cool down when you start to get too warm; skiing is one heck of a work out, people forget that. There are also quite a few multi-use pockets which will allow you to stash whatever you need to while you are on the hill. The attached hood offers additional coverage when needed and Lycra cuffs offer next-to-skin softness during extended wear. The stretch liner along with Motion 3D Fit provides the ultimate mobility in a ski jacket both on and off the mountain.

There are also wrist, waist, and hood adjustments that allow you to customize your jacket for different uses or weather conditions. The S.I.O X Schematech Isolation BOA Jacket also features the S.I.O Concept which we also already talked about, waterproof zippers and a pass pocket for convenience. This jacket has literally everything you could possibly want in a ski jacket.


Descente stands behind the quality of their products better than most brands on the market. Their limited lifetime warranty means that your Descente garment will be free of manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for the practical life span of the product. However, it does not mean that the garment will last the whole lifetime of the original purchaser.

The practical product lifetime for a garment is determined by the amount and type of use and its exposure to the outdoors and sunlight. User care and treatment of the garment also affects its practical life.