If you’ve been skiing for a long time, you probably have old skis lying around. Maybe they’re in your garage, or maybe they’re in your basement starting to get moldy. Either way, odds are those straight skis aren’t going to be super useful on the slopes anymore. So what do you do with them? Well you can try to sell them, but if they’re really old, that’s probably not going to happen. So here are 5 things you can do with old skis to turn them into something awesome.

  1. Make a chair.5 ways to recycle skis
  2. Build a fence.5 ways to recycle skis 5
  3. Fashion a firewood rack.5 ways to recycle skis 2
  4. Construct a wall rack.5 ways to recycle skis 3
  5. Create (and use) a shot ski.5 ways to recycle skis 4

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