So, you’re thinking about giving skiing or snowboarding a shot. Fortunately, you’ve got a friend who’s been doing it for years and in an attempt to be helpful has uttered those famous last words, “I’ll teach you”. Is this the best way to get started? We say no! Here are our 5 reasons to take professional ski or snowboard lessons and get started out the right way.


  1. To truly enjoy winter – It always makes me laugh when I hear people complain about the winter when all they do is hunker down inside and sit in front of the TV for four months. If you never get outside and play in it, then you’ll never experience what winter truly has to offer. Taking a skiing or snowboarding lesson is a great way to do this, while also exercising both your body and your mind. Who knows, winter may just be your new favorite season.

  3. To get started correctly – Bad habits are a lot easier to break when you don’t have them to begin with. Learning the correct way right from the beginning gives you a good foundation to build off of from the start. Ski instructors know the common mistakes and can keep you from developing bad habits that can take years to break. You’ll progress quicker and will likely become a better skier in the long run too.

  5. To make the break in period less painful – It takes time to learn any new sport, but even more time when you’re trying to figure everything out yourself. Instructors have seen hundreds of people just like you, with the same issues and that make the same mistakes. They know how to put things into words in a way that is easy for you to understand and implement. Rather than struggling on your own for three days, spending an hour or so with an instructor can help you progress by leaps and bounds.

  7. For safety reasons – When you don’t have control over your body, you can be a hazard to both yourself and others. Beginners are often still learning how to control their speed or are still learning how to stop. Shooting down the hill in a straight line yelling for people to get out of the way is a good way to seriously injure yourself or others. Taking a ski or snowboard lesson will teach you how to control yourself as you learn. In the end you’ll feel safer and more confident, which will help you learn even faster.

  9. To save your marriage/relationship – Anyone who’s ever tried to teach their spouse or girlfriend how to ski or snowboard knows that this is only partially a joke. I once saw a sign in a rental department at a ski resort that said “Friends don’t let friends teach each other to snowboard”. Many have simply found that while you yourself might be a great skier or snowboarder, it doesn’t mean that you’re a great teacher. It’s tough to put into words, and often that leads to frustration for both parties. Learning something new can be frustrating, let alone having your spouse telling you “you’re doing it wrong”. Save the quality of your first experience and your relationship and simply leave this one to the pros.