Now if you’re a thrill seeker and blue-bird powder days are what you’re searching for, you may not think cross country skiing is for you. But if you’re someone who enjoys beating the crowd, a great workout and some peace and quiet – cross country skiing may not be as far out of your comfort zone as you think.

We know, we know; we’ve already given you three great reasons to hop on a pair of Nordic skis this season. But we figured we’d go a step further, do our due-diligence, and offer up three more great reasons you should hit the trails in 2018.

1. Four Legged Friends are Welcome:

cross country skiing with your dog

The greatest thing about cross country skiing is probably that you can bring your best friend along for the adventure. Whether you’re hitting some local trails, or venturing off the beaten path, it’s easy to adjust your pace to suit you and your pup. This allows you to let your dog off the leash to run along the trail as you ski. A great way to start cross country skiing with your dog is classic style Nordic skiing because it’s a little slower; this means you can teach your dog some basic boundaries for safety, like staying away from the edge of your skis. Once your four-legged friend is familiar with tagging along you can try taking them “skate skiing”. This style of Nordic skiing is much faster paced and a great way to burn some energy – for both you and your dog.

If local trails enforce leash laws or you’d rather your dog stays on a leash check out our blog on Skijoring, and what it’s all about.

2. Cross Country Skiing is a Great Workout:

Cross Country Skiing

There really is no better way to stay in shape through the winter months (and work off all the delicious food that the holidays bring) than Nordic skiing. The wonderful thing about Nordic skiing is you can make your workout as strenuous or as care-free as you choose, and still strengthen many of the muscles in your body including your glutes, core, back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs – all while enjoying the scenery as you ski along. Keep in mind cross country skiing is a lot harder than its counterpart – downhill skiing. There is no waiting in lift lines or sitting on chair lifts, it’s a constant full body workout and one of the best cardiovascular exercises known to man.

3. Cross Country Skiing is Basically Free:

Cross Country Skiing

Last but not least, cross country skiing is a super economical way to get out in the snow this season – especially if you already own your own gear. And if you don’t it’s pretty damn close. Unlike downhill skiing you don’t have to worry about purchasing lift tickets. These tickets can cost an upwards of $30-$250 a day depending on where you choose to ski. It’s also pretty easy to find a place to strap on your XC skis, allowing you to stay local and eliminate the cost of lodging. Especially since cross country skiing can be done almost anywhere you can find some flat terrain and a few inches of snow.

There you have it, guys. Now that we’ve convinced you that cross country skiing isn’t just for your parents, take some time to check out your local trails, grab your pup – rent some skis (if you don’t already own a pair, or your mom doesn’t) and head out on your next big adventure, you might find something magical.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to stop so check out our full selection of cross country skis, boots, bindings and more!