The all mountain category of skis remains the most popular style of skis for their versatility and performance. If you are a strong skier looking to have a single ski that can take you on both the groomed and ungroomed terrain during any type of snow conditions, these are the skis you need to be looking at for the 2019 season. A few of these skis have received a total overhaul this year, while others have only gotten a little bit of a facelift with an updated graphic.

Elan Ripstick 94 W

Elan Ripstick 94 W This ski really lives up to its name… it rips. The widest ski on this list at 94mm underfoot, ladies will find it remarkably lightweight and quick turning for its size. That lightweight feeling comes from Elan’s TubeLite Woodcore and the VaporTip. The TubeLite Core uses 5mm thick tubes of carbon that follow the sidecut near the edges that add power and stability while actually reducing the total weight of the ski.VaporTip Inserts are cut-outs near the tip of the Ripstick that lowers the swingweight for easier maneuvering and eliminating tip rattle when you are flying down the mountain at top speed. Elan’s Amphibio rocker allows the Ripstick to dive into a turn lighting quick. If you are looking for quick turns on the groomers and ample floatation when you get some powder, this ski will not disappoint you.

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W is one of the skis that received a major redesign this season. Previously known as the Temptation 88, the E 88 Ti W has a totally new shape and updated technology. The new shape has more taper to the tip and tail that adds more versatility compared to previous models. The taper prevents the tip and tail from feeling grabby or hooky when you are riding in the bumps, crud or powder.The new Air Tip VAS is made with vibration dampening elastomers incorporated into the tip that absorb vibrations to give you a smoother ride on firm terrain and improved floatation in the deeper snow. Rossignol’s biggest update in the Experience 88 Ti W is Line Control Technology or LCT. LCT was originally developed for their World Cup race skis. A central reinforcement of Titanium delivers better ski-to-snow contact for added stability and easier skiing.

Salomon QST Lux 92

Salomon QST Lux 92 has received a nice update this season that reduces the overall weight of this already light-on-your-feet ski. The new C/FX3 has always had a lightweight construction, but the newest version adds Basalt. Basalt is a volcanic rock with a very high strength to weight ratio that adds more power to the ski without adding any extra weight.This combination of Carbon, Flax and Basalt feels incredibly smooth at speed and in wetter, heavier snow conditions, yet light and agile when you feel like dancing through the trees. A Power Transfer Platform has a more rigid construction in the center of the ski that allows you to step on the gas pedal and feel smooth underfoot with a slightly softer tip and tail will prevent you from fatiguing too quickly on the mountain. A Koroyd Tip reduces the chatter in the tip and improved maneuverability.

Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W

Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W is another ski that received a total update this year. Atomic’s new Prolite Construction starting building skis from the ground up and redesigning the way they build skis. Prolite starts with the lightest and thinnest possible chassis, then only adding reinforcements in key strategic areas of the ski that affect performance.The Prolite Construction is very noticeable by the cutouts in the topsheet in front of and behind the binding mounting platform. The new Titanium Tank Mesh uses woven fibers of Titanium that is so much lighter than edge to edge metal laminates that gives you a less fatiguing to ski, yet packed with power and stability, even at your top speed. An Energy Backbone adds a little more power and a nice snap to the ski when you engage it into your next turn.

Blizzard Black Pearl 88

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 has only received graphics updates this season, but has always been a best selling ski. This ski has a very strong reputation for being a very well-rounded ride for a wide variety of skiers. Blizzard has been using a Carbon Flipcore WSD (Women’s Specific Design) to give you a very energetic ride that is quick edge to edge when you are slicing carves on the frontside of the mountain.The flex pattern, waist width and rocker profile allows the Black Pearl 88 to be well known as a fantastic bump ski. An 88mm waist is easily capable of effortless carves, solid floatation when things get a little deep and maintaining a strong grip on firm snow if conditions get icy. Ask any women in a liftline who rides in the Midwest or East Coast on how much they love their Black Pearls and they will give you glowing reviews.

Nordica Astral 88

Nordica Astral 88 is another incredibly lightweight and smooth ride. Nordica’s Balsa Wood Core and Titanium Hex Bridge Ti Construction are a perfect blend. The Titanium Hex Bridge drives energy right to the snow, no matter whether it is firm or soft.The Hex Bridge also improves your edge hold while dampening vibrations. Balsa Wood is used in the core for its strength, but also how lightweight it is. The All-Mountain camRock Profile allows for effortless skiing in any condition on any mountain.

If you want a ski that will be the right ski on the firm and icy days, powder days and everything in between, there is a ski on this list for you.