Frontside skis for women are the most popular style of ski for ladies who will be spending their time exclusively on the groomers. What skier does not like slicing turns down a perfectly groomed trail? This style of ski usually has a waist narrower than 85mm that makes for quicker edge to edge turns.

Every manufacturer makes a frontside ski for every ability level, from bare bones beginner up to the aggressive charger. The biggest continuing trends this season for women’s frontside skis are making them lighter and stronger, without having to exert any more energy. To compile our top picks we brought several women together of all abilities to a recent industry demo. Here are the results.

Rossignol Famous 10

Rossignol Famous 10: Designed for the strong intermediate to expert level skier. The Famous 10 is a smooth and lively ski. Rossignol’s VAS Women’s Specific Construction uses a shock absorbing elastomer in the fore body of the ski that smooths out vibrations. The Light Woodcore reduces the total weight of the ski by nearly 30%. An Oversized Sidecut allows for strong edge hold and grip when conditions are firm and precise carves on the days you want to pick up some speed. On-Trail Rocker uses a small amount of rocker in the tip and tail for quick turn initiation and easy turn exits.

Head Super Joy

Head Super Joy: The Head Super Joy makes this list again as an incredibly lightweight and agile ski. Head’s Graphene/Koroyd/Carbon Construction keeps the ski incredibly lightweight, yet powerful, without feeling too demanding or aggressive. Graphene is a material that has been developed by aerospace engineers to be only a single molecule thick with a very high strength to weight ratio. Allride Rocker uses a rockered tip with traditional camber on the rest of the ski to deliver a quick turn initiation and load the ski with rebound.

Salomon Aira 80 Ti

Salomon Aira 80 Ti: The new Salomon Aria series uses the C/FX 3 Reinforcement along with a Ti Power Zone to offer a lightweight, but strong ski. The C/FX 3 uses a combination of Carbon, Flax and Basalt together for an energetic and lively feel. A Cork Inlay located in the tip of the ski silences vibrations in the tip. A Pulse Pad adds elastomers over the full length sandwich sidewall construction to dampen out even more vibrations for an ultra-smooth ride with a solid edge hold when the snow feels firm or icy..

Vantage X 80 CTi

Atomic Vantage X 80 CTi W: The Atomic Vantage X 80 CTi W is back again this season with a nice graphics update. The Exo Profile uses a 3D shape that makes the ski easier to maneuver by lowering the swingweight. Atomic’s Carbon Tank Mesh uses woven fibers of carbon that run from the tip to the tail to add reinforcements without adding any extra weight. A Women’s Specific V-Shape tapers the sidecut of the ski to reduce fatigue and improve efficiency for the female body shape. An additional Heel Lift in the binding system helps you keep your hips forward for better control.

Elan Delight Supreme

Elan Delight Supreme: Elan is another manufacture who has done a stellar job of reducing the overall weight of their women’s skis. The SlimShape Technology uses the lightest wood possible, where the shape of the shell adds strength and durability. The Delight Supreme has an optimized flex pattern to increase the torsional stiffness with a strong edge hold. The TubeLite Woodcore uses Carbon Tubes that follow the arc of the sidecut to enhance energy transmission, while also reducing the total weight of the ski.

Each and every one of these skis has been designed for the strong intermediate to expert level skier. Our testers have found each of them to be very easy to control, light on your feet and not very demanding to ski.