High Performance Carving Skis can usually be the envy of the ski world. This sect of skis is usually packed with the most R&D and highest end technologies that each manufacturer has to offer. Metal laminates, complicated vibration dampening systems, carbon fiber reinforcements, technical binding systems and flashy graphics are all part of the total package to deliver an incredible, high speed performance on the mountain.

Who are High Performance Carving Skis for?

Since this style of skis is packed with power, they are typically reserved for the strongest and most aggressive skiers, and not for the faint of heart. High Performance Carving skis require a strong technique, experience and the need for speed to enjoy them to the most of their ability. High performance carving skis typically come with a little sticker shock if you are not prepared, but if you are strong skier looking for a ski that is stable and powerful on the groomers, no matter how fast or aggressive you ski, this is the style of ski for you.

If this doesn’t sound like you, there is hope. Most manufactures usually produce a model or two that tend to be a little softer and mellower than their top end vintage high performance carving ski. These types are designed for skiers seeking the same type of on snow experience without having to put as much energy into their skiing.

Let’s take a look at our top picks

high performance carving skis
Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro FDT

Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro FDT takes a classic race build with Nordica’s Energy 2 Titanium Construction. A vertically laminated wood core is sandwiched between two 0.4mm thick sheets of Titanal that feels very powerful and smooth. The biggest technical advancement in the Spitfire Pro FDT is the Recoil Power Plate, derived straight from a World Cup Race Plate. The Recoil Power Plate allows the ski to have a smoother, more natural flex and easier energy transfer as you hurl yourself down the mountain.

high performance carving skis
Head Supershape i.Rally

Head Supershape i.Rally is not a new flavor this year but has always remained in our testers hearts as a favorite. With a turning radius just a hair longer than a FIS Slalom Ski, the iRally is a tight turner that is packed with rebound. Head’s KERS Technology uses an electrical sensor located in the tail of the ski that loads it with energy; as you release the ski from a turn, it comes alive and helps boost you into your next turn. The Graphene World Cup Sandwich Cap Construction helps reduce the weight, while allowing this ski to corner like it’s on rails.

high performance carving skis
Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti

Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti is a totally new ski this season. Sporting Rossi’s new LCT (Line Control Technology) the Hero Elite Plus Ti has a Titanal power rail that runs down the center of the ski from the tip to the tail that eliminates counter flexing of the ski that locks you into a carve for a damp and powerful feeling. The Prop Tech allows the torsional flex of the ski to adapt to variations in the terrain to give you a highly responsive ride at any speed. The WC race inspired graphics make this a great option for rec league racer who wants to be a superstar.

high performance carving skis
Elan Amphibio 84 Ti

Elan Amphibio 84 Ti has a very smooth and lightweight feeling that make this probably the most forgiving ski on the list. It also has the most unique rocker profile of any ski on this list. Elan’s Amphibio Rocker has a rockered outside edge on the tip and a cambered inside edge with dedicated right and left skis that engage into a turn ultra-quick. The 4D Construction dampens out vibrations by having a convex topsheet in front of the binding platform and a concave topsheet behind the binding. A single layer of Titanium adds stability and rigidity.

high performance carving skis
Stockli Laser AX

Stockli Laser AX features a unique technology with the Turtle Shell Construction. Turtle Shell gives the ski the ability to be skied at a variety of speeds with the same amount of responsiveness by allowing the ski to stiffen up torsionally with a somewhat flexible longitudinal flex once the ski is engaged into a turn. TFC (Tail Flex Control) helps you drift a turn if you want to or need to, helping improve the maneuverability and add some forgiveness to this rocketship of a ski.

If you want one of the most precise and most stable stable skis with a powerful grip on the snow on the market today, there is a ski on this list for you.