If you’re serious about improving your skiing, the best thing you can do is ditch the rental skis and get a pair of your very own beginner skis. The benefits of owning your own skis are multiple: your skiing will be more consistent, you’ll improve faster and long-term you’ll save money compared to renting skis.

The best women’s beginner skis will help you build good habits without punishing you for making mistakes or using less-than-perfect technique; the absolute worst way to improve your skiing is sitting on the sidelines because you hurt yourself skiing on something above your skill level. Whether you’re building toward the double blacks or just want to enjoy the frontside groomers without hassle, these beginner skis are the perfect match for you.

Atomic Vantage 75 C W

Atomic Vantage 75 C Womens Skis 2020

The Atomic Vantage 75 C is the penultimate beginner skis for women. With all the necessary stability and agility to make your turns effortless and pretty, whether they’re your first or thousandth. The Vantage takes a less-is-more approach, with its Prolite Construction adding reinforcement only where is necessary. The Energy Backbone provides ample edge grip and strength despite its minuscule overall weight. A Densolite core dampens vibrations and the rocker in the tip lets you float through deeper snow and eases turn initiation.

Rossignol Experience 76 Cl W

Rossignol Experience 76 CI Womens Skis 2020

Having a sense of control may be the biggest confidence-builder in a beginning skier, and the Rossignol Experience 76 CI Women’s skis are all about offering total control. Damp, light and stable are the trademark qualities of the Experience 76 CI. The Air Tip VAS technology uses vibration dampening materials in the tips that will absorb shocks when skiing on bumpy or rigid terrain. The Experience 76 CI’s light weight makes it easy to maneuver without tiring you out, and the Carbon and Poplar Wood Core provide the energy and stability needed
for a smooth ride again and again.

K2 Anthem 76

K2 Anthem 76 Women Skis 2020

Designed specifically for a woman’s anatomy, the K2 Anthem 76s go the extra mile to make the ideal women’s beginner ski. The Anthem 76’s BioFlex-Konic Construction uses two different densities of wood – denser material near the edges of the skis and lighter materials towards the center – to create a tailored ride that enhances precision and creates a smoother ride for women. This proprietary tech even reduces the overall weight of the ski by 5% and the swing weight by a whopping 15%. A Catch-Free Rocker ensures safe turns whether you carve them or skid them, and the carbon-reinforced core adds a liveliness you’ll love to your ride.

Salomon QST Myriad 85

Salomon QST Myriad 85 Womens Skis 2020

Part of the award-winning QST collection, the Salomon QST Myriad 85 serves up all-mountain versatility in spades. An updated construction, technology and shape make the Myriad 85 a fantastic groomer ski that also has the ability to handle some powder dumps or off-trail exploration. The medium-sized waist and slightly stiffer flex ensure this is a ski that you won’t outgrow anytime soon. With a full-length Poplar wood core and tip-to-tail carbon and basalt reinforcement blend, the Myriad’s ride is smooth and stable but with added power for when
you want to start pushing your limits.

Elan Delight Style

Elan Delight Style Womens Skis 2020

Learning and improving your skiing will never be less tiresome than doing it on the Elan Delight Style. Utilizing Elan’s Slimshape Technology gives the Delight Style a very thin profile that keeps the ski incredibly lightweight and effortless to operate. This will allow you to spend the entire day working on your skills without destroying your legs in the process. The wood/composite core reacts when and how you want it to without requiring too much energy input, and the Early Rise Rocker helps you enter turns with ease.

Line Honey Bee

Line Honey Bee Womens Skis 2020

We haven’t forgotten about you, wannabe park rat. The Line Honey Bee is a great freestyle-focused all-mountain ski that you can begin to build your steezy skills on. Whether you’re cruising the frontside or taking laps in the park, the Honey Bee has a mix of forgiveness and stability that will help you build confidence both on the snow and when getting air. Thin Tip tech reduces material in the tip and tail for easier maneuverability and a lower swing weight, plus the 4D Fibercap provides 4 directional weaves of fiberglass for even strength and durability all over.

Nordica Astral 78 CA

Nordica Astral 78 CA Womens Skis 2020

Simply put, the Nordica Astral 78 CAs are a fun front-side cruising option for any beginner or improving intermediate. Their lightweight and narrow waist width make for an ideal groomer carving ski that can transition from edge to edge ultra-quick. The squared-off tail shape smoothly takes you between turns and produces a greater edge hold on the hardpack. The Astral 78 CA is built with a Lite Performance Wood Core and Nordica’s Energy 2 Carbon Construction, resulting in supreme skiability – energetic, responsive and smooth.