The Oakley Prizm lenses provide game changing effects on contrast and light to provide the best overall experience in varying conditions. Historically speaking, lenses have been created by contrasting dye colors against light colors to provide highlights in your vision. While this process has proven effective, it also requires compromising certain shades of light in order to boost others. To combat this compromise, professional athletes use multiple lenses in varying colors for low light, bright lights and overcast days. The Prizm lenses are unique. Oakley has combined the teachings of color science and the biology of the eye to produce lenses that are specifically tailored to react in varying light conditions.

The human eye reacts to different color shades to produce contrast and detail. Specifically, the eye uses a shade of blue and a shade of orange to increase detail in washout conditions. In vision, there’s good light and bad light. The good light (blue and orange) helps increase contrast between highlights and shadows while the bad creates washout. On flat light days and whiteout days, there is an overabundance of reflection and washout (bad light) that causes blending between the snow and sky. The Prizm lenses help articulate the details by filtering out the bad light and boosting the good light, creating more contrast and less washout.

What you get from investing in a pair of goggles with Oakley Prizm lenses is the highest quality light production and best possible visibility. You’ll be able to wear one pair of goggles in a wide range of terrains and conditions and have a better understanding of the snow in front of you.

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