Adam, our boot expert explains what you should do in the summer to extend the life of your beloved boot heaters.


Skiers can be forgetful people, and we have a lot of gear to manage, which always makes for an interesting combination. Recently, while fumbling around in my basement, I stumbled across one of my favorites, can’t-ski-without pieces of gear, my Hotronic Boot Heaters. Immediately I was glad that I did because it reminded that I need to charge them. It seems weird, right? Running your boot heaters in the middle of July? Well, since most boot heating systems have a NiMH battery it always helps to give them a conditioning charge just to keep the battery packs fresh and strong for when you need them come ski season again.


NiMH batteries have a “memory” that needs a little programming and conditioning. Allowing them to recharge once or twice over the summer will help ensure that they continue to work properly. If you take good care of your boot heaters they can last 10 years or more, but if you forget about them & never charge them they will only last a few seasons. I got lazy and did this with my last pair and sure enough had to replace them at the start of the last season.

Remember, as a general note: Charge you boot heaters after every day during the season. Charge them once at the end of the season, once in the beginning of the season, and once or twice out of season.

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