The name Spyder has become synonymous with skiing as they have been a top player in the sport for decades. Every year they break new barriers and bring new technology and products that make our favorite sport even better. This year is no different, with Spyder poised to take the cake for brand of the 2018-2019 season. But first, let’s take a short look at where it all started.

Spyder from the Beginning

Spyder has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It all started in 1977 when the founder of the company, David Jacobs, noticed there was only one brand of ski sweater on the hill. He recognized an opportunity and went after it; he started selling his own sweaters out of the trunk of his car. A year later Jacobs designed a pair of racing pants with yellow guards on the legs. People on the hill started to refer to the pants as spider pants because the guards looked like spider legs. Jacobs took advantage of this opportunity and because of that the name Spyder was born.

In the 80’s the brand became the premier name in the racing world and their popularity exploded, including having one of their racers featured on the cover of sports illustrated referred to as “The Spider Man”. The 80’s is also the time period that the infamous spider web design was introduced. The very same web design that you continue to see on Spyder products to this very day. In 1989, the brand became the official supplier for the U.S. national ski team.

During the 90’s the brand was such a leader in the racing world that they were designing product that gave their racers such a competitive advantage that it got banned by FIS. Towards the end of the 90’s, as the freeski movement really gained a lot of ground, Spyder moved into freeski territory and yet again crushed it. In the early 2000’s and beyond, the brand has continued its upward trend in the market and they continue to be the brand that pushes boundaries to be a leader in the ski world.


When you’re a brand that is as big as Spyder, it’s sometimes easy to sit back and keep doing things the way you have always done them. Lucky for you Spyder doesn’t operate that way. It has always been the brand’s initiative to be on the forefront of the industry. With their new CEO in place, Spyder is making a push to explore new ground in the ski world and expand the boundaries of what is possible for ski gear.

Now they are going after what is maybe the most important piece of tech in the outdoor apparel industry. For the 2018-2019 season, Spyder is continuing to evolve and grow. One major change that the brand is going through is their partnership with GORE-TEX. This partnership elevates them to a whole new level in the marketplace. This partnership will bring you GORE-TEX on every piece in their ski lineup from the highest price point all the way down to their lowest price point. We’re talking total GORE-TEX ski jackets and ski pants. GORE-TEX has been around for quite some time but to get GORE-TEX at every level of a lineup is an absolute game changer. Couple that with 3M™ Thinsulate™, Primaloft, RECCO, and all the other tech that the brand uses to build their products and you get the 2018 – 2019 Spyder lineup that cannot be beat.


What is GORE-TEX? To put it in the simplest of terms, GORE- TEX is a combination of a membrane and a laminate. The GORE-TEX membrane is at the heart of all GORE-TEX products. The GORE-TEX membrane is an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). It has over 9 billion pores per square inch. It’s these pores that give the GORE-TEX fabric its characteristics. A GORE-TEX laminate is created by bonding the GORE-TEX membrane between high-performance lining and outer textiles. In order to use the GORE-TEX membrane in the manufacture of a finished product, it first has to be bonded between a high-performance lining and outer textiles.

This combination of membrane and support material is referred to as the GORE-TEX laminate. GORE-TEX has become the standard when talking about waterproof and windproof technologies for footwear and apparel. Spyder is using GORE-TEX and applying it to their first-class style in the ski world to provide you with truly elite product, both in style and performance. This includes products like the Men’s Leader Jacket which has always been a front runner in the industry. The Leader Jacket couples perfectly with another industry favorite: the Dare Pant.

Spyder is consistently among the top-rated products in the ski industry, the name has been around for so long it’s hard to imagine skiing without it. And the brand has continued to produce elite level products, making it one of the most trusted names in the ski apparel market.

Spyder continues to build some of the best pieces on the market, they are leaders in tech, performance, and style. It is the best product and you can get everything you need to outfit your entire family with Spyder apparel. Best of all for this year you can do it with GORE-TEX products.