Stay Hydrated from First Chair to Last with the 686 Hydrastash Jacket

There’s a common misconception that you can’t get dehydrated in cold weather. Not only is that false, but it’s quite likely you are getting dehydrated when skiing without even realizing it, especially when up high in the thin air of the mountains.

Dehydration during skiing or riding, especially at a high elevation, is far too common and far more dangerous than most people realize. Skiers and snowboarders need a solution that makes it easy to stay hydrated during full-day expeditions, whether at the resort or deep in the backcountry.

The Hydrastash Jacket from 686 was designed to solve this exact issue. The first-ever jacket with a built-in micro hydration system, the Hydrastash brings the water with you in its ergonomic water reservoir built into the powder skirt. The jacket allows you to carry .75L of water without limiting your mobility or offsetting your balance, unlike any other solution to dehydration on the mountain thus far.

Why is it important to hydrate while skiing?

As in any other sport, skiing and snowboarding requires strenuous physical exertion, which inevitably results in your body using water to cool itself down in the form of sweat. Because sweat evaporates quicker at higher elevations, it may seem like you’re not sweating all that much, but really you’re losing plenty of water without even knowing. Not only that, but the lower levels of oxygen in the mountain air require your respiratory system to work harder and, in the process, use more water.

Waterproof, Breathable Protection

The consequences of dehydration can range from minorly uncomfortable to medically serious. It can prevent you from skiing your best by physically slowing down your reaction time and muscles, which could potentially lead to a crash and an injury. Dehydration is a legitimate safety issue, especially for those skiing challenging, dangerous terrain.

For these reasons, skiers should be drinking significantly more water than they do at sea level. Unfortunately, staying well hydrated is not very convenient for skiers – which is where the 686 Hydrastash Jacket comes in.

How does the Hydrastash make staying hydrated easier?

Previous solutions to dehydration while skiing – namely water bottles or water packs – come with issues of accessibility and convenience. Carrying a hydration system on your back can throw off your balance and hinder your performance on the mountain and stopping to pull a water bottle out of your bag is only going to slow you down, making it less likely you hydrate as much as you should.

Interior Hydration Sleeve

With these ineffective solutions in mind, the good people at 686 wanted to design a jacket that would make it easy to stay hydrated without interfering with the way you ski or ride. There were a million different ways they could have gone, but ultimately, they determined that the best answer to the issue was to create a reservoir that was contoured around the body in the powder skirt.

This design completely balances the weight of the water around your body and doesn’t cause any imbalances as you skiing or ride. The ergonomic design can hold up to .75L without limiting mobility thanks to its engineered body wrap fit. The reservoir is guaranteed not to break; 686 boasts that it’s strong enough to be run over by a small car. It also features an easy-fill waterproof roll top opening for when you’re filling it and multiple closure options to accommodate all body types.

The water reservoir was just step one though; the next step was to ensure that you had easy access to the water stored within the jacket. Borrowing the same concept used in backpack systems, the Hydrastash uses tubing and a bite valve to deliver water directly to the skier. Instead of the thicker tubes found on water packs though, the Hydrastash uses a low-profile Micro-Tubing that is roughly 6mm in diameter (as opposed to the 10mm hoses typically used in water pack systems), and the hands-free Microbite Valve has the same flow rate of water as a valve double its size. Lightweight and comfortably snaking through the jacket, you won’t even know the tubing is there.

Full-Day Functionality

What good is a hydration system if the jacket doesn’t have the chops to handle extreme mountain weather? The Hydrastash is a complete jacket, with everything you need for all-day skiing and riding.

Weather protection comes in spades, with an infiDRY Stretch Fabric that has a 20k/15k waterproofing and breathability rating. The seams are fully-taped, and 80g of Polyfill insulation in the body (with 60g in the sleeves and 40g in the hood) keeps your body heat in for total warmth in the face of extreme cold. And when things start heating up and you need extra breathability, just unzip the Air-Flo underarm vents for quick cool down.

Just about every ski-centric feature you could want on a jacket the Hydrastash has: an attached powder skirt, pant-jacket connect system, wrist gaiters, adjustable hood, their-trademarked Vader Vents and a bevy of pockets for everything you carry with you on the mountain.

To recap: Dehydration during skiing and snowboarding is a common problem with serious consequences, and the 686 Hydrastash Jacket is the most efficient, effective solution for curbing it up to this point. Ditch the hydration pack or water bottle this winter and wear the Hydrastash instead; a clean styling, ultra-protective construction and, of course, built-in hydration system make this jacket an all-around winner.

The 686 Hydrastash Jacket is available now on To read about more of the hottest ski tech debuting this winter, read our blog The Best New Ski Gear Tech for the 2018/2019 Season.

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