Long Story Short

If you are seeking simplistic summer outfits and yoga apparel that shines in elegance and naturalistic feel, I hope that you have not overlooked Prana.

The five-letter-word carries a lot of meanings. Originally, Prana refers to the cosmic energy in Sanskrit. It means “life energy” or “life force” in Hinduism, drawing its power from the sun and dispensing it to objects on earth. We here at Skis.com, of course, know that this energy will shine through your spring and summer.

Without a doubt, the company named Prana has been conveying this energy since the moment it got started in Carlsbad, California back in 1992, by Beaver and Pam Theodosakis. Feel the powerful exotic vibe of prana as you are practicing yoga, climbing mountains, or just sunbathing at a beach.


In Style

Prana offers a variety of styles in its clothes. The mastery of geometric patterns, fluid designs, and stripes make their clothes stand out from other brands. The vibrant color combinations that come with the finished apparel designs make what you wear all the more majestic.

Make sure to also check out the Prana Jax Crew Mens T-Shirt.

With its blocked color design, it will definitely add subtle elegance to your outfit. The shirt comes in two color variations. Pick Gravel for a design with shades of grey, or Mud for a combination of brown and beige with the accent of a bright orange block. But don’t let the down-to-earth names fool you — these shirts are beautifully crafted.


Remember the talk about sun’s energy earlier? It turns out that Prana, as a company, also has a way of conserving energy and staying true to nature. In fact, they take pride in consistently offering environmentally sustainable clothing, made from organic cotton and types of recycled fibers, conserving the limited resources we have on earth without sacrificing any bit of the quality of the products. Also, look at their energy-optimized and minimalist headquarter office, guarded with bamboo patches. The closeness to the nature and the pursuit of sustainability is important to Prana. Skis.com respects Prana’s drive for environmental sustainability and is excited to work with this company in 2017.

Don’t hesitate to find out more about Prana products on Skis.com . If you scroll through our listings, many of which are brand new looks for the summer, you will surely find the outfits you’ve been looking for and take home the energy from Prana for summer life.