Last weekend A-basin turned off their lifts, marking the true end to the extended season. But before you jump head first into summer, make sure your ski gear storage techniques are in order so when opening day comes around you’re not stuck with mildew infested clothes or boots that have changed shape. Here are few keys ways to be ahead of the game next season and to prolong the life of your not-so-cheap equipment.

1. Fix What’s Broken

It has been a great winter and it’s likely your gear has taken a bit of a beating through early season coverage and your epic pow days. Go through all of your equipment – outerwear and hard goods – and make a list of what needs to be fixed, and then do it. You don’t want to pull your skis out next season and see that core shot staring you in the face saying fix me, but you can’t because you don’t have the funds. Now is also a good time to scope out some deals on demo gear or sale items if you have really done some damage. When you pull your stuff out on that surprise early season powder day you will pat yourself on the back for taking care.

2. Wash and Dry Outerwear

Your outerwear is what keeps you warm and dry so taking a little extra time to make sure it’s clean is very important for its lifespan. The DWR finish on your jacket and pants will begin to wear after use and washing, but there are a couple of options to keep it tough. Try washing (in cool water) with NIKWAX Tech Wash, which is designed specifically for this type of clothing. You can also purchase spray-on waterproofing to re-enforce the waterproof performance. After cleaning make sure to let it air dry longer than you usually do. If there is moisture left in the garment you chance have a nice layer of mildew waiting for you next season.

3. Tune Now vs. Later

Taking your skis to the shop now is beneficial for a few reasons, especially because there is no line this time of the year. Instead of waiting up to a week to get your gear tuned in the fall, you will be ready to ride if you drop them off now. Have the shop put on a summer wax and make sure they don’t scrape it. This will keep the bases protected while being stored, and you can scrape and go come opening day. Have them get any rust off the edges and bring them home to a cool and dry environment.

4. Boots, Boots, Boots

You have spent the time to find the perfect fit and break them in, you don’t want to start that process over with new boots next year. Pull the liners out and let those bad boys dry for a while. Your feet already smell bad and you don’t want mildew adding to the cause. Once you’re ready to store, buckle the boots (not to tight) so they keep a solid shape. As with everything else, stay away from storing in your moist basement as everything already has a moldy residue.

With a few extra steps you won’t have to worry or wait when first chair is calling. We spend a lot of money of our beloved ski gear so it makes sense to take the time to keep it in good shape. Have a great summer!

Have you got any other ski gear storage tips? Let us know in the comments!