Unleashing the Past 2 Season’s Most Coveted Skis

What does a ski named “Black Ops” make you think of? Covert night riding? Secret missions into the backcountry? While not totally wrong, these skis have been under the feet of two of the best skiers, Parker White and Chris Logan, for the past two years; out in the open, in videos, and usually flying through the air (Check out The Big Picture’s Lite Years for proof).

You may be asking yourself, “If I’ve seen so many sick segments featuring these skis, why haven’t I heard of them before”? Great question, and there a few reasons for that. First, these much buzzed about skis have only existed since the 2017/18 season. Second, until now, they were only available in brick and mortar ski shops, not online. This limited release added an air of mystery to the urban legend skis. Almost everyone seems to know someone who knows someone who has skied them once. Rossignol further added to the hype by keeping dimensions and tech about the skis heavily under wraps. For example, turn radius, tip and tail dimensions, and what exactly is in the core of the skis.

Black Ops for Everybody

If Rossignol worked so hard the past two seasons to keep the skis’ logistics close to the vest, why release them online? The answer is not nearly as complex as you might think. Simply put: these skis rock. Sure, two killer pro skiers rip these things daily, but by no means do you have to be a pro to ride them. Rossignol made the gutsy decision to open these skis up because they knew that there are a lot of skiers out there that would benefit from having a pair of Black Ops on their feet. The skis are equal parts snappy, simple, and fun to ski, while still being able to charge and carve up the entire mountain.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, what else is new for 2020? First, Rossignol now offers a new size in the Black Ops 118 (the 176cm). Second, there are two all-new skis for the season, the Black Ops 98 and the Black Ops 98W. Now that you can purchase them from home or (let’s be honest, sneakily from a work computer) and with a larger range of sizes, there has never been a more opportunistic time to join the Black Ops program.

While they may be easier than ever to get a hold of, you’ll still have to act fast, as quantities of these skis are still extremely limited. Click the images below to learn more about each Rossignol ski (well, learn as much as they tell us) and be sure to pass along to your friends! Or don’t, if you have your eyes on a special new ski.