Small Company Vibe with Big Company Quality

Despite their ascent in the ski market, Icelantic is less of a standard, run of the mill ski company and more of a collaboration of creative and passionate minds. At Icelantic you don’t have co-workers, you have friends.

Friends that have the same drive to deliver inspiration and badass skis. Skis that make you want to trek out into the wild and tackle the gnarliest lines. Icelantic is committed to making fun, progressive skis, with the best graphics in the industry.


Icelantic started as 14 year old Ben Anderson’s’ dream. Living in Colorado and being an absolute ski junkie, he knew exactly what he was destined to do. He initially started building skis with two siblings from Boulder, CO. He briefly attended college where he applied everything he learned to starting a ski company.

Upon dropping out, he taught himself how to use CAD (Computer-Aided Design), acquired the ski building equipment from the Boulder brothers and started building skis in his parents garage. After a couple years of building and breaking countless skis, Ben finally had a prototype ready for production.


Ben didn’t want his ski brand to build regular skis. His skis had to be fast, stable, mobile and durable. They also couldn’t have graphics…they had to be artwork that was rideable. That is why Anderson didn’t start the company alone. The CEO of the company, Annelise Loevlie, grew up with Ben in Colorado. He had help shaping skis from his childhood friend Travis Cook. He also had help from his other childhood friend and exceptional artist Travis Parr.

Parr has done the graphics on all of the skis since the company’s inception. He is responsible for the creation of Icelantic’s logo, a representation of 1 degree Celsius, the temperature at which liquid water begins its change into ice. This logo represents the company and how they are looking to change the ski industry. Parr designs all graphics like a work of art, that can also be used on skis. Many of the graphics are oil paintings but some are also super high resolution photographs of sculpture scenes he created.

His artwork isn’t just used on skis. Icelantic also incorporated it into their own apparel, and posters for concerts that they sponsor. Every year Icelantic hosts “Winter on the Rocks”, a concert event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the middle of winter. All of the artwork is available for sale in the Icelantic store and on their website.

Made in America

Icelantic has made a commitment to strictly sell high quality American made products. This concept did not come easy. It took years for them to convince legendary snowboard company Never Summer to build Icelantic skis in their factory. Never Summer agreed to doing such after seeing the passion that Anderson, Parr and Cook had for building skis. With this partnership, Icelantic started producing skis with known and trusted quality.

Like Never Summer, Icelantic uses Carbonium topsheets that are durable and chip resistant, thick Durasurf bases and a bombproof construction. So bombproof in fact, that they offer a “Bombproof 3-year warranty” on their skis. Like their skis, all of their apparel is made in America as well.

Award Winning Skis

Throughout the years, Icelantic has racked up awards for their skis. One of their most popular ski lines is their freeride collection. The Nomad series consists of light, playful twin tips that can be ridden anywhere on the mountain and slay all conditions. On snow they have a snappy feel that propels you from turn to turn.Thanks to their use of rubber foil in the construction, they also feel smooth on rough snow and very comfortable in variable conditions.

The Nomad 95 and Nomad 105 can easily be used in the park or to trick off of all the side hits your mountain offers. While they perform well in firm conditions, they are truly at home when things get deep.

As you start to see more and more people on Icelantic skis, know that they are still true to their roots as an American independent ski company, dedicated to producing the highest quality and most durable skis known to man.

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