The Experience is Everything

Whether you’re heading out for a day on the water, hitting the trails on your bike or just running around town – Smith Optics has created a sunglass designed to enhance your adventure. Let’s take a look at where it all began, and how Dr. Bob Smith got his inspiration to start the brand.

Brand History:

For more than 50 years Smith has been designing products and creating technology to enhance the way we see things. Started in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1965, Dr. Bob Smith – an orthodontist and self-proclaimed ski bum, made the first pair of goggles with a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. Shortly after the ski goggle success, Smith quickly changed the outdoor experience by introducing the first pair of sunglasses and ski goggles with an interchangeable lens system.

Next Smith revolutionized fog-free goggle technology by developing two new ventilation systems. These systems allowed the goggle and helmet to sit seamlessly with each other, eliminating the gaper gap entirely. Over the next few years Smith began to build out their sunglass collection, developing the world’s largest eco-friendly collection. And that’s not all, they also designed the most advanced polarized lens technology on the market – ChromaPop.

To them, “experience is everything” and they want you to be able to experience your adventures as clearly and vibrant as possible. Today, Smith continues to combine style and quality in every product that they make.

SMITH ChromaPop Technology:

Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop Lens Technology is designed to enhance clarity and natural color – allowing you to see more detail, perform better and have more fun.

How it works: ChromaPop is designed to help your eyes see more detail and color by filtering two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion.
Normally your eyes have trouble defining blue and green, and red and green light perception. ChromaPop actually filters these crossovers, making definition and color more clear.

Lenses for water and land:

Smith knows it matters which kind of lens you use, that’s why they’ve created tints that work for both land and sea:

Lenses for Water
Lenses for Land

Lens Technology:

Smith lenses are made with Techlite glass and Carbonic lens construction offering durability and protection.

By aligning the best polarized filters on the market, and using a multi-layer mirror, anti-reflective, anti-scratch and hydrophobic lens coatings – the result is a pair of beautifully crafted sunglasses that deliver the best possible clarity, no matter where your adventures take you.

Here is a breakdown of the different technologies Smith uses in their sunglasses:

Polarization: Smith’s polarized lenses are designed to cut glare off of horizontal surfaces like snow, water and asphalt while decreasing depth perception and reducing visual acuity. This helps keep your eyes fresh and less fatigued after a day out.

Polarchormic: By combining the glare-free benefits of advanced polarization with UV sensitive, self-tinting photochromic technology – this allows your lenses to adapt to different light conditions. Meaning you always have the perfect tint for the light conditions you are in.

TLT – Tapered Lens Technology: Tapered Lens Technology straightens incoming light rays by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center to the peripheral view. This allows you to see with 100% accuracy and unmatched comfort.

Hydrophobic Coating: Keep your lenses fresh with Smith’s Hydrophobic coating that repels moisture, grease and grime. Water simply beads up and disperses without streaking, and smudges from fingerprints can be wiped clean in a flash.

Anti-Reflective (A/R) Coating: The anti-reflective coating are vacuum applied to the back of the lens, and will help to eliminate annoying sidelight reflections.

Frame Technology:

I know, we’ve had a lot to say about lenses so far. But they aren’t the only important part of your favorite sunglasses.

Let’s take a look at some of the frame technology that Smith uses on their sunglasses:

PivLock Technology: Designed to provide an unobstructed field of view, PivLock Technology is an interchangeable lens system that features a proprietary, patent-pending temple and lens interface.

PivLock is engineered to minimize the weight of your frames, while maintaining a secure fit. The temples and the nose pieces are made to be easily removed – making changing out your lenses easier than ever.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses: Smith incorporates a revolutionary material called Rilsan Clear into what has grown to become the largest selection of eco-friendly sunglasses in the world. Rilsan allows SMITH to make lightweight, durable frames that are 53% + bio-based.

Grilamid TR90: Designed for durability and flexibility, Grilamid TR90 is an impeccably light and resilient plastic that helps maintain shape, no matter the temperature outside. Making it an ideal material in hot climates.

More than Just Sunglasses:

In addition to their sunglass collection, Smith also makes top-of-the line ski & snowboard helmets, bike helmets and goggles.

Smith Vantage Womens Helmet

Ski & Snowboard Helmets: Smith’s ski and snowboard helmets are all designed to exceed safety standards. They do this by focusing on the four main types of impact: low speed, high speed, rotation and multi-impact.

Each type of impact requires a different approach, philosophy and technology. Smith has created four pillars of design, and believes that they can meet as many of these pillars at once – creating a helmet that offers the most advanced protection on the market today.

Smith Rover Cycle Helmet

Bike Helmets: All of Smith’s bike helmets are designed with AeroCore construction with Koroyd. This construction is designed to increase airflow, improve temperature regulation for fog free vision and improve impact resistance.

Using a unique combination of EPS foam and Koroyd, a revolutionary material that is made to absorb energy upon impact, while increasing airflow. AeroCore construction allows more vents to be placed all over the helmet, without sacrificing comfort or protection.

Smith I/O 7 Goggles

Goggles: Find the right technology for you with Smith’s extensive line of ski and snowboard goggles. Smith offers everything from interchangeable goggles, to spherical and cylindrical goggles, to those with AirFlow, Turbo Fan and over the glass technology.

Smith goggles also use the same advanced ChromaPop technology, hydrophobic lens coating, and TLT – tapered lens technology that they use in all of their sunglasses.


From ski and snowboard protection, to the perfect pair of sunglasses for a day on the water, and a bike helmet guaranteed to protect – you’ll find quality with every adventure when it comes to Smith.