A Jacket That’s Equally Serious About Style and Performance

Style doesn’t have to come without substance. Ski jackets that can do it all are rare, even rarer is one that can do it all with grace, effortlessly looking stellar on or off the slopes. The Obermeyer Tuscany Jacket is one of the few that falls into this category.

Obermeyer wanted to create a ski jacket that could be used in any situation; the quiver-killer of coats, so to speak. The Tuscany achieves this by blending technical ability with a fashionably versatile design for top-notch performance when you’re on skis and a style that looks great worn anywhere. The Obermeyer Tuscany Jacket takes function and flairs it up for fun days on the slopes and rowdy nights on the town. Let’s take a look at how this popular Obermeyer women’s ski jacket grades out in a number of categories:


Maybe the most important feature of a jacket: how warm it will keep you. The good news is that the Tuscany is chock-full of quality insulation that will provide warmth in any temperatures you are likely to experience. The average insulated ski jacket will hover around 80g of insulation, but the Tuscany packs in 150g of Thermore Classic insulation. This particular brand of insulation is among the finest and most trusted on the market, a worthy filling for a top-tier jacket. The Tuscany even packs 40 more grams of Thermore Classic into the hood for full-body warmth.


The Tuscany Jacket uses Obermeyer’s HydroBlock Sport to offer solid protection from wet conditions. The jacket has a 10k waterproofing rating, meaning it can withstand 10,000mm of water before it lets any pass through. This is more than adequate, except for in some extreme conditions. You’ll be protected from mild rain and snowfall, and you don’t need to worry about getting wet if you end up taking a tumble. The jacket’s fully-coated hydrophobic laminations and DWR polymer coating keeps the integrity of the jacket intact, and actually offers stain protection properties, whether the stains are from shredding too hard on the hill or from a spilled hot chocolate in the lodge.


With surprising breathability for a fashionable jacket, the Tuscany helps you stay fresh and dry throughout the day. The 10k breathability rating of the jacket can allow 10,000gm of water vapor to pass through over a 24-hour span, ridding your jacket of any sweat you work up while riding. By releasing the water vapor that builds up in your jacket as you ski, the jacket keeps your skin dry, which in turn keeps your body temperature up.


Not too tight or restricting, but also not too baggy or bulky looking. The Tuscany will fit most any woman comfortably, giving you a flattering fit that is just right. The fit creates a happy medium between performance wear and comfy casual garb.

Style and look

The style of the Tuscany speaks for itself. Take one look at the jacket and you can feel the simple elegance of it shine through. With a little bit of flair via the faux fur lining the brim of the hood and strong, classic color choices, the Tuscany will make you look bold and chic anywhere you wear it. Simply put, the Tuscany Jacket radiates composure, a well-groomed look for a day full of groomer riding.

Outfit compatibility

It’s a given that the Tuscany looks great when worn with your ski attire, but don’t underestimate its ability to spruce up any cold-weather outfit. The Tuscany looks fabulous with a pair of jeans or leggings, and it has the space to add on a layering jacket underneath. Throw in a pair of fur boots and you’ve got a cute outfit ready to heat things up in the cold winter air, or complete your classic ski look by matching them with an Obermeyer pant and complementing accessories.

When to wear

The beauty of having a jacket that excels in both performance and style is that you can wear it just about anywhere. Anytime you’re on the mountain you can be sure the Tuscany will be a good call, but this jacket is just as good a choice when strolling around town. Wearing the Tuscany allows you to pay no consideration to the temperature and get out there to enjoy the wonders of winter, whether that is a day on the slopes or a simple walk through the park.

Additional features

The Tuscany Jacket comes with a focus on versatility and customizability, improving your freedom and ability to adapt to the changing weather and situation. When the snow is falling hard and you’re going to be in for a wild ride, snap on the powder skirt, tighten up the drawcord hem and enjoy the protection of the jacket’s wrist gaiters. The Ski Contour articulated sleeves give easy bending at the elbows, allowing for unrestricted arm motion. Change up the look and feel of the jacket by removing the hood, the faux fur hood liner or both. Enjoy the convenience of being able to carry all your valuables with ease thanks to the jacket’s interior, exterior and media pockets and its key clip.

Brand background

For over 70 years, Obermeyer has been shaping the ski industry and improving the winter experience for generations of snow sports enthusiasts. The fine folks at Obermeyer aren’t afraid to take risks, push boundaries and lead the way in creating some seriously awesome ski gear. For years they’ve been dedicated to innovation, being firm believers that their products should have care, quality and commitment behind every garment. That’s led them to introduce to the ski world numerous innovations, going all the way back to their production of the first quilted parka in 1948. To this day, Obermeyer produces some of the finest technical ski jackets on the market, trotting out gear that helps you perform better and make your overall skiing experience better.

So, to recap: The Tuscany is full of luxurious, useful features, can handle inclement weather no problem and is a stylish all-winter-long choice. At a price point that is very reasonable for a quality jacket such as this, The Obermeyer Tuscany Womens Insulated Ski Jacket is an excellent choice for ladies looking for a stunning winter-time look.

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