Elan Element W

Elan is located in the Slovenian Alps and have a rich history of creating some of the most innovative technologies in skiing. Innovative technologies are typically reserved for skis designed for experts, it’s very refreshing to seer game improvement technologies being designed for the beginner skier.

Elan Element M

The survival of this sport depends on finding and growing new participants, and many outsiders have had the stigma that skiing is difficult to learn and hard. This season Elan is breaking the mold by developing game-changing technology for the beginner skier to gain confidence and control over their skis with the brand new Elan Element for both men and women.

What makes the Elan Element so Special?

Groove Technology – Groove Technology solves one of the most difficult issues for new skiers. If you look at the topsheet of the new Elan Element you will see grooves cut into it. These grooves allow for the ski to flex longitudinally offering full edge contact for easier steering and control. Finding your balance point can be very challenging for first timers, and when the ski flexes easier, it keeps you in proper body positioning.

Power Shell Construction – Power Shell Construction uses a combination of two vertically laminated strips of wood surrounded by composite material. This construction keeps the weight of the Element very low, but stable when you need it and start to pick up some speed.

Parabolic Rocker – Elan’s Parabolic Rocker has a rockered tip, rocker in the tail and some camber underfoot. This rocker profile only adds to the forgiveness and easy-to-ski feeling of the Element. Rocker in the tip helps the ski engage into a turn with little effort, or push out a snowplow using less energy. Rocker in the tail helps you exit a turn without having the tail grab or catch the snow. As you skid and drift turns you find your sweet spot and comfort zone.

This level of forgiveness and control will be revolutionary in the overall growth of the sport. By building skis that will help new skiers learn proper technique and build confidence, more and more skiers will find themselves out on the slopes more frequently.