This year we’ve picked up a new and exciting brand, Picture Organic Clothing. Founded in France, Picture has made a name for itself for its unique style and commitment to environmental health. Founded in 2008, Picture Organic Clothing was founded by a group of young professions, Julian , Vincent and Jeremy who’s only goal was to find a way to keep riding powder. The vision for Picture was easy, create unique and creative designs at competitive prices while maintaining shockingly high eco-friendly standards.

Picture maintains their eco-friendly standards from the get go. The concept goes directly into the design by regulating material amounts, waste, and efficiency and carries all the way through the product lifecycle. Picture encourages the return of old, worn-out jackets so they can be dismantled and used to create new ones or donated to charity to extend the lifecycle.

Picture also maintains a unique style to their jackets. They use bold colors and asymmetrical lines that are converse to the standard direction of the ski industry. They’re designs all hint at the eco-friendly nature of the company and incorporate their recycled products directly into the newer ones. In most cases, the inner lining of the coat is made from re-used scraps making each jacket unique to the owner. The style points don’t stop there. They release their products in three separate story batches all with a unique look and feel to them, some for adventure, some for outdoors and some for hanging with your friends. The whole brand has an inviting yet eccentric feel that is unlike anything else.