Introducing: The Savor Boots

Raise your hand if you remember rear-entry ski boots. We hope you did (not that I can see you) because we certainly remember! We cherish the days of single buckles, sliding in and out of the boots with such ease a chair lift would be jealous. Those were the days, weren’t they? Although that twenty-something years ago still feels like yesterday, today’s ski boot market has changed. It is full of marketing buzzwords that boil down to being high performance, lightweight, and customizable.

Not that we’re slamming ski innovation, but not every skier is at the level to need the latest, greatest, and most technologically advanced boot. Most skiers just need a boot that’s comfortable, performs well, and makes putting on ski boots in a cold, crowded, parking lot much less of a challenge. That was Atomic’s thinking too, so they sought inspiration from the past to find a solution for the present.

Why Go Back?

Who could’ve predicted that Atomic, visionaries behind some of the world’s best boots, would make a huge splash by reintroducing a tried-and-true rear entry ski boot. Meet, the Savor Boots – probably the most aptly named product we’ve seen on the market in some time. This isn’t your dad’s rear entry boot though, the Savor Boots are packed with technology that doesn’t just make our job of marketing them easy, but they really will make your days on the hill better.

First, and this is obvious because it has been mentioned a few times, it’s a rear entry boot! Nothing starts a ski day off worse by struggling to get your boots on. With the Savor, getting your boots on won’t feel like a part time job. The revamped entry system and single buckle design makes getting your boots on incredibly easy. Next up, the 102mm Last in the Savor 100 and 95W, and 104mm Last in the Savor 80 and 75W, are very generous and will fit roughly any foot right out of the box. Lastly, they feature heat moldable liners. Not a part of the perfect foot crowd? Us either. But fear not, Atomic’s heat moldable liners come standard in all Savor boots to make sure you get a perfect fit.

Should You Buy a Pair?

If you’re still with us you’re probably wondering who is a Savor boot made for? If you don’t need the highest performing boot on the market, or even need the second highest performing boot on the market, meet your match. The Savor Boots are geared for people who want a comfortable boot and want to make skiing easy. The flex on the Savors only goes up to 100, so they are definitely geared for skiers who are not the biggest, baddest, hardest charging either. The boots were designed for beginner or intermediate skiers who want to enjoy skiing without discomfort throughout the day. Click the link below to shop all of the Savor Boots available on this season, and your happy feet will thank us.