This season Tecnica has branched out their famous Mach 1 performance to a wider more accessible fit for bigger, stronger, more aggressive skiers who have wider feet. The Mach 1 was conceived a few seasons ago but only available in LV 98mm and MV 100mm lasts. New to the line up is the HV 103mm last that best fits medium to wide feet.

The Tecnica Mach 1 120 HV is the flagship model in that width. Designed with the same performance features as the low volume and mid-volume models with an aggressive stance and plenty of customizable options.

What Technologies are available in the Tecnica Mach 1 120 HV?

For starters Tecnica developed the C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) Shell with an anatomical shape that offers a great out of the box fit. In this day and age most boot manufacturers offer an easy fit, but Tecnica takes it to another level by placing dimples on the shell in key problematic fit areas for many skiers. These dimples (think of a golf ball) provide an accurate road map for a bootfitter to press out, punch, grind or shape the shell. Aside from making it easy for a bootfitter to locate a problem area, these dimples hold a punch and keep the the punch while requiring less effort and force to move the shell.

The C.A.S. Liner is quickly developing a reputation from bootfitters as being one of the best in the business. Not only does it have an anatomically correct shape, but material in the heel and ankle pocket (common problem areas for many skiers) is extremely easy to customize, either by heat, or the bootfitter can use the same press that the bootfitter would use to shape the shell on the liner. This material even before its shaped provides excellent heel hold with a high amount of energy transmission, and a level of customization that is pretty unique.

Tecnica’s Asymmetrical Power Transmission is also very unique by having a thicker shell on the medial side of the foot and a thinner shell on the lateral side of the foot that helps improve the edge grip of your skis. The Asym Power Transmission also adds faster and more controlled edge to edge transitions and increased sensitivity to the snow beneath your feet.

The Bootboard in the Mach 1 120 HV is also very easy to customize if you need a little bit more space across the instep. Dimples cover the top of the bootboard as well. These dimples allow the bootfitter to gage the depth that they grind it down for an even and accurate fit.

Celliant combines with Lambswool in the liner to deliver extra warmth on those freezing cold January mornings when you are waiting in line for first chair. Celliant uses 13 thermoreactive minerals that transfer body heat into infrared energy and bounce it back towards your foot for better circulation and blood flow.

Lift Lock Buckles stay clamped when you need them to, but also stay unbuckled when you need them to. Once the buckle is lifted, it will stay raised and not flop around and claspe accidently when your are trying to slip your boots off in the lot for an apres beer.

Who is the Tecnica Mach 1 120 HV for?

Tecnica Mach 1 120 HV

For years the adage in ski boots was that if you needed a burly flex you were delegated boots that were designed for narrow feet. Tecnica started producing HVL models many seasons ago that were solid options for stronger skiers with wider feet, yet they still had a more relaxed, lesser aggressive stance.

Now skiers with wide feet are offered a race-like performance with a fit just for them, that is simple for a bootfitter to customize if needed.