Back for their second season the Salomon XDR Series received rave reviews from all types of skiers last year. Designed primarily for cruising the groomers on the frontside of the mountain, the XDR Series has a ski for every level of skier from your aggressive expert looking for power and precision to the mellow beginner who requires forgiveness and an easy-to-ski feeling.

Let’s Look into what Technologies make the XDR Series so great

C/FX 3 blends together carbon and flax to reinforce the power and strength of the XDR’s while offering a lightweight feel. This additive is fast becoming one of the greatest technologies in skiing by following the trend of making skis lighter and stronger. Carbon improves the energy transmission and stability while the flax delivers an energetic snap to each turn.

All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 is included in every model of the XDR Series to make your skiing in any condition easier than it has ever been before. Rocker in the tip engages the ski into a turn quickly and efficiently as well as offering some flotation in fresh snow. Camber underfoot grips the snow and releases rebound with each turn. A slight amount of rocker in the tail improves maneuverability by releasing you from a turn with little effort.

Salomon’s Progressive All-Mountain Shape is most noticeable in the tip of the ski. This tip shape allows for the ski to dip into a carve easily while being able to absorb negative energy that is caused by difficult or chunky snow conditions. This shape allows for easy maneuverability and smooth skiing with a decent amount of float in fresh snow for a frontside ski.

The Pulse Pad is made from rubber and added around the edges of the ski and other strategic points that dampen out and absorb vibrations for smoother skiing.

What XDR is best for me?

The Salomon XDR Series has a ski for every level of skier to round out a complete collection of skis. Let’s break them down model by model.

Salomon XDR 88 Ti

XDR 88 Ti is the most versatile of the collection. It’s 88mm waist feels very agile and quick when you are blazing groomers while being able to power through crud on those afternoons when the snow piles are getting larger and larger on each lap. Full Length Sandwich Sidewalls grip into firm or icy conditions making this a favorite for aggressive east coasters who will dip into powder when you get a storm while offering a strong carve when you haven’t gotten much snow lately. The Warden MNC 13 binding that is included with the XDR 88 Ti is multi norm certified allowing you to use any type of boot sole when the proper adjustments are made.

Salomon XDR 84 Ti

XDR 84 Ti shares a construction and flex pattern as the 88 Ti, just with a slightly narrower waist and tighter turn shape. This is an excellent ski for the strong intermediate up to aggressive expert who favors a smaller turning radius to the crud busting ability. The agility and stability of this ski are enough to satisfy even the most aggressive expert while allowing the strong intermediate confidence to ramp up the speed comfortably.

Salomon XDR 80 Ti

XDR 80 Ti while the previous two skis are unchanged from this past season, the XDR 80 Ti had a slight graphics change, but the most important upgrade comes in the way of the binding that is included with it. The new Z 12 Walk binding is able to accommodate WTR, GripWalk and standard DIN boot soles. The 80mm waist is getting a little too narrow to explore un-groomed terrain, but what you lose in versatility you gain in quickness edge to edge for slicing tighter carves with a smooth and stable feeling. The XDR 80 TI is a solid option for back East or Midwest skiers who will be skiing exclusively on the groomed terrain.

Salomon XDR 78 ST

XDR 78 ST is a great ski for the athletic beginner up to solid intermediate who wants a ski that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. A Basalt Layer adds strength without adding any extra weight. A Ti Power Zone sits just underneath the binding platform that adds the perfect amount of rigidity only in this part of the ski to deliver forgiveness in the tip and tail for easier entry and exits from turns, but stability in the middle of your turn. A Semi Sandwich Construction has a Monocoque Cap Construction in the tip and tail with a vertical sidewall underfoot that gives you mobility and edge hold when you need it.

Salomon XDR 76 ST

XDR 76 ST is an excellent option for the true beginner to mellow intermediate or the tween or teenager who is ready for their first pair of adult skis. The soft and forgiving construction allows for easy progression and development for skiing fundamentals. The wood core offers enough stability to keep you comfortable when you pick up speed without feeling too demanding or fatiguing.