What’s New with the Rossignol Experience?

It is a long standing rule that you do not mess with perfection. When Rossignol rolls out the new and redesigned Rossignol Experience Line hits ski racks in the fall of 2019, they know they have a winner on their hands. It’s always a difficult decision to make changes to a ski line, especially when it has been so successful since its inception.

When we were able to test the new Experience skis this past February the consensus was that our staff of testers was very impressed with the updates made to the Rossignol Experience Series including a few skiers who have sworn by their older versions of the same skis. With six skis in the collection the Rossignol Experience Series has a ski for every skill level skier.

New Shape

One of the biggest changes that is external is very easy to notice if you are comparing a previous seasons Experience to a new 2019 Experience is the new shape. The newest incarnation of the series has a brand new shape that is easier to ski in powder, broken snow and crud. In the past, some skiers had felt that the oversized tip and tail felt grabby in the bumps and crud, while acting like a rudder in deep powder. The new shape of the Experience Skis has more taper in the tip and tail that feels easier to drift and smear turns without any give in the strong carving ability. This new shape simply feels easier to ski in more challenging conditions.

LCT – Line Control Technology

One of the biggest internal advancements to the new 2019 Rossignol Experience Skis is a little difficult to notice with the naked eye. LCT (Line Control Technology) is derived straight from the World Cup Race Department at Rossignol. Line Control Technology uses a strip of laminate, either Titanal, ABS Material or Carbon to add extra stability. This extra strip of power runs from the tip down to the tail in the center of the ski to eliminate counter flexing to keep a smooth and consistent shape to your turn, regardless of snow conditions and speed. Who doesn’t like a smoother riding ski and more consistent edge contact on a ski that is easier to ski? LCT can be found in the Experience 94 Ti, Experience 88 Ti, Experience 84 Ai and Experience 80 Ci.

2019 Rossignol Experience 84 Ai

New Rocker Profile

All of the 2019 Rossignol Experience Skis have received an updated rocker profile. The new All-Terrain Rocker now has a little less rocker in the tip and tail to still deliver an easy-to-ski feel without altering the edge hold, responsiveness and rebound.

New Tip Profile

The new tip profile of the men’s Experience series improves flotation and creates a smoother ride. This shape takes a page from the more powder friendly 7 Series. The new Air Tip VAS has dampening filters that that smooth out the ride and reduce chatter. Less vibrations and chatter provides more contact with the snow for easier control and easier power transfer.

Who is the Rossignol Experience For?

With six skis to choose from, every level of skier has a ski in the Experience Series. Considered an all-mountain ski they are best used if you spend the majority of your time on the groomers. The waist width of the Experience 94 Ti and Experience 88 Ti can easily dive off piste when the snow gets a little deep and soft.

Let’s Break Down the Differences Between Each Model

2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti

Experience 94 Ti is a smooth and powerful ski for athletic intermediates up to the hard charging expert who will spend the majority of their time on the groomers, but will not hesitate to dive into a foot of fresh snow on a wide open bowl. The LCT (Line Control Technology) is made from a titanal band that ramps up the horsepower and stability. The 94mm waist can motor through crud and provide solid floatation in light powder.

2019 Rossignol Experience 88 Ti

Experience 88 Ti also has the titanal LCT (Line Control Technology). The identical construction and flex pattern as the 94, just a narrower waist width for more time on the frontside of the mountain. The 88mm waist easily plows through crud and is the strongest Experience ski in the bumps. The Minicap Sidewall Construction holds a solid edge in firm conditions. This is always a popular ski for those who ski mostly in the Midwest or Back East.

2019 Rossignol Experience 84 Ai

Experience 84 Ai is slightly softer than the 94 Ti and 88 Ti. The Line Control Technology is made from an ABS material, which has a lighter weight feel and is a touch more forgiving. The E84 is best suited for the intermediate to advanced level skier who will spending nearly all of their time on the groomers. Mincap Sidewalls provide edge grip when things get firm.

2019 Rossignol Experience 80 Ci

Experience 80 Ci is designed for the intermediate skier. The LCT is made from a carbon stringer for weight reduction and to keep the flex finely tuned with the perfect mix of stability and forgiveness. Carbon is also added to the core to keep the ski light and energetic. The Central Sidewall/Cap Construction has a vertical sidewall underneath the binding platform for enhanced edge hold. Closer to the tip and the tail of the 80 is a cap construction.

2019 Rossignol Experience 76 Ci

Experience 76 CI makes a great match for the athletic beginner to solid intermediate skier. A Poplar wood core has carbon laminates to maintain a lightweight feeling with a hint of stability. The Rossitop Cap Construction is forgiving, easy to control and very easy Efor a new skier to make the ski react when and how it should. This is going to be a solid choice for teenagers with some skiing experience who are ready for their first set of adult skis.

2019 Rossignol Experience 74

Experience 74 makes a perfect option for the true beginner to cautious intermediate skier. This is a perfect option for a skier who has been renting for a few times who is ready to invest in a nice beginner ski. The Poplar wood core and Rosstop Cap Construction is lightweight and easy to steer and learn with.

After several seasons of the previous Rossignol Experience line was at the top of the game for skiers looking for easy to control and responsive rides for the frontside of the mountain.

The 2019 Rossignol Experience will make a nice upgrade for skiers who have been on the train from the first stop.