There is no doubt that in the past few seasons you have heard of the Nordica Enforcer. Never before has a ski received such accolades and awards from so many ski publications and such strong reviews from so many testers. While the Enforcer 100 is the flagship model who gets most of the glory, did you know that there are a few skis in the Enforcer Series? All of them share the same great technology with only minor changes in the rocker profile or flex pattern making them better for specific conditions. Each of them makes a strong ski for the aggressive charging expert, down to the strong intermediate looking to up their game. One of the most game changing aspects of the Enforcer is the wide spectrum of ability levels that can easily ski any of the skis in the series.

What makes the Nordica Enforcer so Great?

Nordica has put several years into developing the perfect ski. Aside from graphics changes they did not mess with perfection. All of the Enforcers for 2019 have all of the same great tech they have had for the past few seasons.

Energy2 Titanium Construction

The Energy2 Titanium Construction is inspired from their World Cup Race Technology that offers an ultra-stable feeling, without feeling overly demanding or punishing for a lightweight or lesser aggressive skier. A full length wood core made from poplar and beech is pressed between two 0.4mm thick sheets of Titanal. This delivers a powerful edge hold when you are flying down some firm conditions, but the flex feels just right when you are diving into some deep pow, without feeling too stiff that the ski wants to torpedo down.

Blunt Nose Tip and Tail Shape

Nordica really started the trend with the tip shape of the Enforcer. This Blunt Nose Shape makes the Enforcer highly versatile for both crushing it in the deepest of blower powder and smooth turn initiation on the groomers. This tip shape also does an excellent job of deflecting negative vibrations caused from crud or chunky snow conditions.

All-Mountain camRock

The All-Mountain camRock Rocker Profile is designed to ride any condition that you will find on any mountain, on any day. Rocker in the tip and tail deliver an easy to turn, easy to float and easy to smear ski. Camber underfoot adds a healthy amount of edge grip and rebound.

Which Nordica Enforcer is for me?

2019 Nordica Enforcer 110

Nordica Enforcer 110 has a 110mm waist that feels great when surfing the deepest of powder. A higher, longer rocker profile in the tip and tail that aids in the surf-ability. The Balsa Wood Core is a little bit softer and lighter than the Poplar/Beech that is used in the other Enforcer models. If you are looking to spend the majority of your time looking for the steep and deep this is the Enforcer for you.

2019 Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica Enforcer 100 is the flagship model and the original Enforcer. At 100mm underfoot, this is one of the most versatile skis out there today. If you divide your time evenly between medium radius turns on the groomers and pointing down a wide open bowl. Made with the Poplar/Beech Wood Core the Enforcer 100 is happy as long as it is on snow. I know first hand that this remarkable ski can rip with your buddy’s or cruise with the kids.

2019 Nordica Enforcer 93

Nordica Enforcer 93 is the narrowest offering in the Enforcer lineup. This model tends to be a favorite for East Coasters looking to pound through the bumps and powder while having superb edge hold on firm terrain. With an identical flex pattern and turning radius as its slightly wider brother, the Enforcer 93 is geared for spending more of your time on the groomers with the ability to head off-trail when conditions are right.

If you have read or heard all of the hype regarding the Nordica Enforcer Series I can tell you that it is all true. I know first hand, I have been riding the Enforcer 100 since 2015. There simply isn’t a thing that they cannot do. 18” of fresh snow, crud, icy groomers, mellow skiing with the kids, there really is not a sweet-spot, they can do them all with ease.