The Head Joy Series has been one of the top collections of womens skis on the market the last few seasons. This year Head brings the Joy series back unchanged aside from a graphics update. The collection has a wide range of widths, stiffnesses and shapes to ensure that there is a ski for women of all skier types and ability levels. The Joy series is popular for the agility and performance that they deliver in a lightweight and stylish package.

What makes the Joy series such a Joy to ski?

It doesn’t matter what mountain you are on, or what skiing ability you have, there is a ski in the Joy series for everyone. Head uses a combination of high-tech materials in their construction and unique women’s specific shaping to create a range of skis for all snow and skier types. How does Head do this?

Graphene and Koroyd: Graphene is the lightest, strongest and thinnest material in the world. 200 times stronger than steel and only a molecule thick, Head is able to use Graphene in place of heavier materials to make a lower profile and lighter ski without sacrificing performance. Koroyd is a thermally-welded honeycomb that is incredibly lightweight and does an outstanding job absorbing vibrations. This gives you a smoother ride on rougher terrain. A ski that is lightweight and damp will be more agile and be less fatiguing, keeping you skiing better…longer.

Low Camber and ERA 3.0: Each of the Joy skis use a women’s specific camber. With a lower camber, Head has made the ski easier to load up during the turn and easier to control out of the turn, without giving up edge-hold on firm snow. ERA 3.0 technology fine tunes the rocker, flex and turn radius of each ski in the Joy line, to match with skiers of different ability levels and different snow conditions. If you are a beginner skiing strictly green groomers, you would want a different ski than the lady charging down the steepest groomers on the mountain. With ERA 3.0, Head can design two skis with very similar waist widths (Pure Joy 73mm and Super Joy 75mm) for the beginner or mellow skier and the expert level skier. So which Head Joy is right for you?

Which ski will bring you joy?

Head made sure that there was a ski in the Joy line for almost any woman on the mountain. All of them use Head’s Era 3.0, Womens Low Camber and Allride Rocker. So which Head Joy will suit your style of skiing?

Head Pure Joy

Pure Joy: The Head Pure Joy is designed for the beginner or lighter weight skier that takes it easy on the way down the mountain. It uses Head’s composite core and low camber keeping the ski easygoing and incredibly lightweight. The Pure Joy’s softer flex, low weight and narrow 73mm waist has given many beginner and intermediate skiers the confidence to progress to more challenging terrain.

Head Absolut Joy

Absolut Joy: Coming in slightly wider, the Absolut Joy is perfect for more athletic beginners up to strong intermediate skiers. Head uses the same Graphene Power Sidewall Jacket and composite core as the Pure Joy to give this ski a lightweight and forgiving ride for progressing beginners. Where they differ is the Absolut Joy has a 79mm waist and a little more backbone for the stronger intermediates looking to push the limits of the ski and their ability. Its wider footprint also encourage a little more off piste exploration.

Head Super Joy

Super Joy: Head starts to dial things up with the Super Joy. Head uses their Graphene, Koroyd Carbon layup, wood core and 75mm waist to form an aggressive groomer crushing ski. Low Womens Camber makes the superpowers of the Super Joy more accessible and controllable while still delivering excellent edgehold and power on the firmest of groomers. The Super Joy is reserved for the advanced intermediate to expert level woman looking for a lightweight ski that is exceptionally well balanced and knows no speed limit.

Head Total Joy

Total Joy: The Total Joy is 85mm at the waist, making it more versatile and ready for whatever the mountain throws at it. It’s designed for the upper level intermediate to expert female skier using the same Graphene Koroyd Carbon construction as the Super Joy. The Total Joy still crushes groomers and has edgehold to spare, but has a wider frame to tackle light powder, variable snow and some off piste skiing. Like all of the Joy skis, it is lightweight, smooth and stylish.

Head Wild Joy

Wild Joy: The Head Wild Joy is a true all mountain beast. With a 90mm waist width, the Wild Joy is perfect for the woman looking to split time between groomed and ungroomed trails. The extra width, combined with the signature lightness of the Joy series, the Wild Joy is good for up to knee deep powder and crushes bumpy and beat up snow. The Graphene Koroyd Carbon construction keeps the ski smooth and stable to carve down the front of the hill. This is an awesome option for the advanced to expert level skier looking for a lightweight and aggressive all mountain ski

The joyful conclusion?

If you are looking for a lightweight ski, refined for the exact type of skier you are, look no further than the Head Joy line. The Joy series prides itself on being lightweight and easy to ski yet still high performance. The Joy Series includes skis built for the first day skier, just easing their way onto the mountain, up through the most experienced and aggressive skiers slashing down steeps.

The Joy line is not a “shrink and pink” derivative of men’s skis, they are completely unique and specifically built for women, using ERA 3.0 and Womens Low Camber. Their simple yet sophisticated design keeps you looking classy and feeling happy as you make your way down the mountain. The Head Joy is one of the most popular women’s skis on the market and it shows no signs of letting up. Check out the line up of the Head Joy series on