Going back about six seasons ago Blizzard started producing an incredible ski that was highly versatile and a top seller. This ski was very popular for three seasons, then suddenly it disappeared leaving skiers who coveted this ski searching for older models. Now with the 2019 gear hitting the racks shortly the Blizzard Bushwacker is back!

Who is the Blizzard Bushwacker for?

With its shape, sidecut and flex pattern the Blizzard Bushwacker is an excellent ski for the intermediate to advanced skier. Lightweight experts who have found the big brother Blizzard Brahma to be too stiff will find their perfect sweet spot with the Blizzard Bushwacker.

With an 88mm waist the Bushwacker is primarily designed to be ridden on the groomers, but the rocker profile allows it to behave much more like a freeride ski that can carve, bust through crud and always be at the top of the list when the discussion comes to what are the best bump skis on the market.

With this waist width and rocker profile the Bushwacker excels when the groomers have about 3-6 inches of broken snow or crud. Many skiers will also find the Bushwacker very easy to ride off piste, but it starts to sink a little too much when the powder gets too deep.

What Makes the Blizzard Bushwacker so Fantastic?

Blizzard’s Carbon Drive was originally conceived for their Alpine Touring Skis. Carbon Drive reduces the total weight of the ski by integrating carbon to add power and stability. This unidirectional carbon frame increases the torsional rigidity and responsiveness with a smooth longitudinal flex. Carbon also adds plenty of energy and snap to each turn.

The Flipcore Construction has revolutionized the way Blizzard produces skis. The wood core is placed in the press upside down to create the rocker profile. Flipcore gives the ski a very damp and smooth feel, yet loaded energy with an even pressure distribution when you engage the ski into a turn. This allows it to maintain its integrity and energy throughout the entire life of the ski.

2019 Blizzard Bushwacker

Sandwich Compound Sidewalls add more torsional strength to the Bushwacker and impressive edge hold in any condition, and an Anti-Shock Layer is added underneath the binding platform to absorb vibrations and make your ride smooth, even on firm or icy snow at fast speeds.

Bi-Directional Carbon Inserts in the tip and a small one in the tail help reduce the swingweight to improve maneuverability, improve floatation, and deflect negative vibrations caused by bumps or crud. The Poplar-Beech Woodcore has plenty of stiffness that keeps the Bushwacker stable and smooth.