Black Crows skis are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing manufactures in the skiing industry. Founded in 2006 by Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compangnet, both professional skiers who wanted more out of their gear.

Born and bred in the Chamonix Valley the Black Crows name stems from the Alpine Chough; a rare large black bird that can fly over 13,000 feet and is often seen by mountaineers in the Alps. With a focus on versatility, function and design, Black Crows were born.

Which Black Crows model is for me? is offering six different models of Black Crows for men and two models for women. Strong intermediate to expert skiers who never know what a day on the mountain will bring can find a model or two just for them. Let’s break them down ski-by-ski.

Black Crows

The Captis features a 90mm waist and semi-cap construction. At 90mm underfoot the Captis is one of the narrowest offerings from Black Crows. The semi-cap construction helps reduce the total weight of the ski by having some taper above the sidewalls that wont compromise edge hold.

This makes a perfect ski for strong intermediate to expert skiers who will want versatility, but will most likely be spending the majority of their time on groomers, occasionally diving off piste. A poplar wood core is very light and energetic, giving this a strong bump-skiing and crud-busting ability.

Black Crows

The Camox gets a little bit wider at 97mm underfoot, making it a strong option for advanced to expert skiers who will divide their time evenly between the groomed and un-groomed terrain.

This ski also features a semi-cap construction and poplar wood core, with the addition of carbon/kevlar strips that run down the center of the ski adding even more energy and spring to your turns, without adding any extra weight.

Black Crows

The Navis features a slightly different rocker profile and sidecut allowing it to feel a little more hard charging. The front progressive rocker, long classic camber and lightly rockered tail give the Navis a more aggressive profile.

This ski is more designed for the point-and-shoot type of skier who craves speed and power through any type of terrain with added responsiveness in firmer conditions. A tapered sidecut adds more power at the end of your turn. The Navis has a 102mm waist that rips through crud and nasty conditions with ample flotation in the powder, without that smeary feeling in the really deep.

Black Crows

The Orb has the stiffest construction offered from Black Crows. Dual titanal layers reinforce the poplar wood core giving this ski a very damp and powerful feel. The 91mm waist loves to rip high speed arcs in wide open terrain, either groomed or un-groomed.

Rocker in the tip engages you into a turn quickly, while camber underfoot drives into firm snow and loads the ski up with rebound. The Orb is an excellent option for back east skiers who want a powerhouse for firm days that will roll through crud, with decent flotation in powder.

Black Crows

The Daemon is quickly becoming one of the most popular models of Black Crows. The full reverse camber delivers a very loose, smearing feeling especially when you are getting down and dirty in fresh pow.

A 120cm long titanal plate sits in the center of the ski, underneath the binding platform to add extra rigidity and power, even when the snow is not very deep or fresh. A 99mm waist is incredibly nimble and agile when you need to dance around the trees, making this ski the perfect option when you want to improve your tree skiing ability.

Black Crows

The Atris is billed as a freeride machine. The double rocker construction offers a generous amount of rocker in both the tip and tail that provides great flotation in the fresh powder.

The progressive tip rocker also helps deflect negative vibrations when you are hitting top speed or coming across chunky snow conditions. An extended sidecut delivers control and responsiveness when the snow is firm and you have to burn a groomer or two to get to your secret powder stash.

If you have been considering an indy ski company or boutique brand, there is no better place to start than with Black Crows. Born in the heart of the French Alps, in one of the oldest and die hard ski communities Black Crows will bring you an incredible experience on the mountain. Find out more details on each one of these skis at