An Overview of the New 2018 Salomon QST Ski Series

For the second season in a row, the Salomon QST Series is bringing the heat to your downhill capers, trotting out high-performance rippers for every condition and terrain. After seasons of working with Salomon’s pro team, the engineers have developed a lineup of skis that are incredibly versatile and lightweight, both for men and women.


This year’s versions of the QST share many of the same technologies, because why mess with success? Let’s examine some of the features that are present in the QST line:

CFX Superfiber: Salomon’s CFX Superfiber Construction is the technological centerpiece of the QST. CFX Superfiber is a combination of Carbon and Flax that reinforces the Full Woodcore. CFX adds energy and power while actually reducing the overall weight of the ski. (Not available in QST 85 and QST Myriad 85).

SpaceFrame: The SpaceFrame Construction uses an inverted wood core that is energized with the CFX to improve the contact with the snow regardless of where you are skiing. With the improved snow contact, you know you will get a high amount of responsiveness and control each time you hit the slopes. Spaceframe Construction is available in all models of QST skis.

Koroyd Tip: Salomon reduces the swing weight and maneuverability of the QST by adding a Koroyd Tip. Koroyd is a very lightweight, honeycomb-shaped material. By adding this feature to the QST line you will find that they do not get the tip wobble that many wide, rockered skis are often plagued with. The wider QST Skis (QST 118 and 106) have a Koroyd insert in the tail that helps you smear deep turns in the fresh powder.

Hook Free Taper: A Hook Free Taper brings in the geometry of the tip and the tail by moving the contact points slightly closer to the center of the ski. As a result of this shape, the entire collection of QST skis ride fantastic in soft snow, cut up crud and dominate in deep powder. The Hook Free Taper prevents the tips and tails from getting caught up in these types of conditions, making them safer, and more enjoyable, to ski.

Carve Zone: Salomon builds a Carve Zone into the entire collection that is made to rip and grip on the frontside of the mountain. This shape allows you to still tear it up during those points of the season when a high-pressure system sits over your favorite ski area and you are relegated to the groomers for an extended period of time.

Twin Rocker/All-Terrain Rocker 2.0: The QST Series has two different rocker profiles. The wider, more powder oriented models (QST 118, 106 and Stella 106) utilize Salomon’s Twin Rocker profile, designed with more rocker in the tip and added rocker in the tail to deliver an ultra-surfy and smooth powder feel when things get deep. The more all-mountain models (QST 99, 92, 85, Lumin 99, Lux 92, Myriad 85) are produced with the All-Terrain Rocker 2.0, which has a little less rocker in the tail for a stronger on-piste performance. The All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 still enhances soft snow skiing, but with less rocker in the tail you get a more powerful exit from your turn on the frontside of the mountain.

Ti Power Platform: The Ti Power Platform adds an extra plate of Titanal underneath the binding mounting platform. This addition of metal increases the screw retention and provides a little extra rigidity underfoot. The extra firmness adds a smooth and stable feeling when you are really cranking out at top speeds without interrupting the flex in the tip and tail.

Who is the QST for?

With such a wide range of skis to choose from, the QST line has the perfect choice for nearly any skier looking for maneuverability, control and lightweight skis that are capable of being a one-ski-quiver. Lets break them down ski-by-ski:

The QST 118 is the ultimate powder ski for any rider looking to make tight turns in the deep trees, while still allowing them to run in an untouched, wide-open bowl. The lightweight feel and super-sized waist make the 118 the flagship model for all of Salomon’s big mountain pros. Many of them pair this ski with the new MTN Binding for an Alpine Touring setup.

Salomon QST 106

The QST 106 and QST Stella 106 are excellent options for advanced to expert skiers who are looking for a playful ride that floats and surfs in the deepest of powder while maintaining enough edge hold and stability to allow them to run at top speed on the hardpack. If you spend the majority of your time off piste and like a ski that is loaded with power but is not too demanding or fatiguing, this is the QST ski for you.

QST Lumen 99
Salomon QST Lumen 99

The QST 99 and QST Lumin 99 are the most versatile of the QST Series. Each of them share an identical construction and footprint. The 99mm waist floats in up to a foot of fresh powder and feels incredibly agile when you are carving up the frontside. If you divide your time equally between the groomed and ungroomed terrain, this the QST model for you.

Salomon QST 92

If you spend most of your time making smooth and controlled turns on the frontside and want some ability to get into the trees and powder, you should be looking at the QST 92 for men and the QST Lux 92 for women. Both of these skis pose a terrific value for the intermediate looking to improve and broaden the types of terrain that they can take on. These are also two of the best bump-skiing rides in the market this season!

Salomon QST Myriad 85

If you are a relatively new skier who wants a ski that is stable on the groomers and forgiving enough to allow you to learn proper technique without feeling too demanding or fatiguing, the QST 85 or the QST Myriad 85 are the way to go. These also make perfect skis for the progressing teenager who is ready for their first pair of adult skis and wants to try their hand at riding the entire mountain.

If you are searching for that perfect ski, one that is versatile, lightweight and packed with power, edge hold and stability, you’ll find a Salomon QST ski that will check off all of the above boxes.