In what may be the flagship model of Rossignol’s 7 Series, the Soul 7 HD brings with it quite a bit of history. The Rossignol Soul 7 HD has been a highly talked about and revered ski since its inception a few seasons ago, and the 2018 version is no exception to this ballyhooed reputation. One of the best powder-skiing rides available at this waist width, the Soul 7 HD is no slouch on the frontside of the mountain either. There’s plenty of powder skis out there, but the Soul 7 HD has consistently been among the most popular and the most highly rated. When a ski this acclaimed hits the scene, it’s always worth taking a look under the hood to see what this year’s model has got in store.

Who is the Rossignol Soul 7 for?

The 2018 Soul 7 HD is designed for advanced to expert skiers looking for a high amount of maneuverability so they can crank those perfect turns in deep snow. Because the shape and flex pattern does not give the ski a very punishing or demanding feel, even skiers that would be classified in the strong-intermediate class will be able to ride the Soul 7 HD without feeling outgunned. The 106mm waist floats in deep snow and feels much wider than it measures when things get deep. Not limited to just fresh, deep snow, an 18m turn allows you to slice medium radius turns on the groomers with style and grace when you are caught up in between storm cycles.

What’s new with the Rossignol Soul 7?

The new Air Tip 2.0 Construction is a new take on Rossi’s previous versions by making it longer and reducing the overall weight of the ski even more so than it had in the past. The Air Tip 2.0 Construction adds extra flotation when the skiing gets deep, and is now stronger than before to eliminate any tip wobble when you really ramp up the speed. The Air Tip also improves the maneuverability anywhere on the mountain by lowering the swingweight of the ski and pulling heavier material away from the tip of the ski. A slightly-longer rocker profile improves the already fantastic powder performance. Rossignol also added a little extra umph to its turns by increasing the turning radius by 1 meter.

Returning Technology

Rossignol’s Carbon Alloy Matrix is made from a diagonal weave of carbon and basalt that adds extra power and stability without adding any extra weight to the ski. The Carbon Alloy Matrix also adds extra edge hold and grip when you are hitting groomers on firm terrain.

The Powder Turn Rocker uses a heavily-rockered tip and a generous amount of rocker in the tail that makes for fantastic skiing when you get into anything soft and deep. Powder Turn Rocker allows the Soul 7 HD to pivot in tight trees and smear big turns in wide open bowls.

My Experience

This past season I got the opportunity for a sneak preview of the Soul 7 HD in the Wasatch Mountains, and boy was it one for the story books. I found myself at Alta for an unplanned day on the slopes with nothing but 10 inches of fresh in front of me and the Soul 7 HD on my feet. With such a deep snowpack, the 10 inches of fresh snow felt bottomless, as I managed to hammer as many runs as I could in the trees off of the old slow double Wildcat chair. The first pitch off of the Wildcat is a fun one to send off the lip of the catwalk. After a little bunnyhop, I was able to smear three nice turns, face shots included, then make a quick left to follow the boundary line through the trees all the way down to the parking lot for another run. These were the best runs of my season. Popping in and out through the trees, bouncing over the soft pillows; these are the things that I think about when I try to go to sleep at night. The Soul 7 HD floated effortlessly through it all, and provided some of the best ten runs of my life. Overall, it was an incredible experience, and I would recommend these skis to anyone who is able to try them.

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