Sometimes, good things come in lightweight packages. That’s the case with the new Head Kore 93 and Kore 105, some of the lightest all-mountain skis available. As the debut season for the Kore line, you can expect to see some fresh features and power-packed performance from the 93 and 105. The Kore series becomes Head’s de facto all-mountain freeride men’s skis, taking the place of the Venturi and Cyclic lines from years past. Let’s see what’s at the “core” of Head’s latest creation.

At A Glance:

New to the scene, the Kore 93 and 105 don’t have a predecessor to compare to, but the Kore series comes lighter and with a handful of upgrades compared to past Head skis. Both the Kore 93 and 105 skis share an identical construction while bringing a new definition of lightweight to the all-mountain ski category. The 93 is a little more groomer friendly, where the 105 is a little fonder of the backside, but they both hold their own anywhere on the mountain.


The Head Kore skis utilize the latest in tech and ski construction, forming a powerful, responsive and lightweight ski that feels free and flawless when tearing through the backside. Let’s single out each piece of tech that went into making the Kore skis:

Graphene/Koroyd/Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction: The cap construction of the Kore makes you feel like you have nothing on your feet, until it comes time to tear down the mountain at top speed. This unique blend of materials has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio that is loaded with energy and power when you want them to be. Koroyd has a very lightweight feeling to it, the carbon brings lots of energy to the table and graphene keeps the skis strong under pressure.

Karuba Light Wood Core: The Karuba Light Wood Core is another weight reduction technique that Head uses to keep the Kore skis light and playful. Karuba wood has a very strong snap to it that springs you between kick turns when you are getting into something steep.

Topless Tech Topsheet: Replacing a traditional plastic top sheet with a polyester fleece, the Topless Tech weighs considerably less than traditionally used methods. The removal of plastic sheds even more weight, without any compromise to performance or durability.

Tip-Tail Rocker: The Kore Series each has a significant amount of rocker in the tip that improves turn initiation and increases flotation, while absorbing negative vibrations caused by chunky snow conditions. The rocker in the tail helps release the ski from turns effortlessly and delivers a nice and smeary feeling in powder. Camber underfoot enhances your rebound to snap you out of your turns.

What Makes Them Special?

You just don’t find skis this lightweight that have the kind of downhill ability and stability that the Kore 93 and 105 have. A combination effort between the Karuba Wood Core, the Topless Tech and the cap construction keeps the weight low for ultimate playfulness. The Kore skis are a lighter weight than you’d find in comparable all-mountain skis, and yet they avoid the shaky downhill ride that typically accompanies lighter skis. The Head Kore 93 and 105 are bordering on one-ski-quiver territory with their capacity for any terrain, a truly impressive feat. They feel like an ordinary slope ski, but are also at home off-piste and in the backcountry.

Who Are They For?

Both the Kore 93 and Kore 105 are excellent rides for the strong intermediate all the way up to expert charger who will typically ski in the Rockies and is not afraid of any type of terrain. The 93 is a little more carve happy and really shines on the bumps where a slightly-tighter turning radius comes in handy, but is easily capable of tackling up to a foot of fresh powder. The Kore 105 is a perfect ride for spending the majority of your time off-piste, with a nimble and agile carveability for the frontside of the mountain. The 105 kills it when the snow is deep, or even skied up. The Kore series is so lightweight that they make an excellent option in case you wanted to add a touring binding for a backcountry setup for a lightweight and easy ski for the way up and power on the way down.

The Verdict:

For as light as the Kore 93 and 105 are, they’re really not sacrificing much in terms of control and downhill ability, which is quite impressive. If you are interested in lightweight skis that that can crush it in any condition or terrain, the new Head Kore 93 and 105 deserve consideration, as they are one of this season’s best all-mountain skis.